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Watch How To Master Facebook Live Streaming

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My first attempt at Facebook Live Streaming

Mobile live streaming is all the rage these days. You can go live to your social media followers from your mobile device from anywhere and at any time. And you can chat with people in real time. Something exciting happen? Share the video and get people’s feedback immediately!

Periscope is a great platform that has people all over the world sharing their experiences with others from their phones. But recently Facebook got into the game by rolling out their Live video to all users in the United States. Of course, this is huge. It’s Facebook for goodness sake! The potential for a large audience is massive!

So… how should you use Facebook to engage with your followers? Let’s dive in!

If you have a personal profile (you do have a Facebook profile, right?) then you should have access to live stream. If you don’t see the option, either you’re on your page which might not be verified, or they may still be finishing the roll out, so just hang tight and keep checking back.

[FYI – I tested this out on my FB page. It’s simple. See my test at www.facebook.com/mark.young]


By , Digital Trends, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com May 29, 2016