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Watch Disabled Duck Finds New Lease on Life With Tiny Wheelchair

This duck can’t dive or fly, but at least now he can waddle. Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details.

Goats of Anarchy, a renown goat sanctuary is famous for its 95 rescued and special needs goats. Many of these goats have mobility challenges and rely on their wheelchairs to get around. But the goats aren’t the only ones that call Goats of Anarchy home, among the numerous animals you can find chickens, turkeys, horses, pigs, alpacas, sheep, and one very lucky duck.

Meet Merlin

In November Merlin the duck because the newest member of the GOA family. Found suffering from either a leg deformity at birth or injury, Merlin struggled to walk. Left on his own Merlin would never survive. Leanne and the Goats of Anarchy team know they were his best hope for a long, happy life. Merlin quickly settled into his new home at the sanctuary and started making friends.

An Unlikely Friendship

Merlin’s best friend at the sanctuary is Opal the chicken. Merlin and Opal live together in a separate pen inside the disabled goat barn. Opal used to live with the other chickens at the sanctuary but was picked on by the other birds and had to be relocated. Once Opal and Merlin were placed together, they became inseparable and happy to have each other!

Helping Merlin

Merlin receives the best of care in his new home. Merlin enjoys daily water therapy sessions for an hour to help. During these sessions, Merlin works to exercise his muscles and rebuild his leg strength. He also wears a custom prosthetic on his lame leg to help with traction and support but getting around was still challenging. Once we saw his story Walkin’ Pets was inspired to help!

Walkin’ Wheels Duck Wheelchair

Creating a wheelchair custom built for a duck was a first for Walkin’ Pets and certainly a challenge. Luckily the Engineer at Walkin’ Pets grew up raising ducks and had some ideas on how to convert the Mini Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair for a duck. A duck’s build is longer and wider than the standard Mini Wheelchair. Merlin’s new wheelchair was customized to allow for a more natural movement as well as giving Merlin plenty of room to shake his tail feathers. Walkin’ Pets couldn’t wait to see Merlin in action, and hand delivered the new wheelchair to Goats of Anarchy to be there for Merlin’s first steps. Merlin took to his brand new Walkin’ Wheels like a duck to water!

Merlin’s wheelchair is the first duck cart ever build by Walkin’ Pets. We will continue to work closely with the volunteers at Goats of Anarchy until we develop the perfect wheelchair for Merlin and for future ducks alike.

For more information about the Duck Wheelchair built for Merlin, please contact our Wheelchair Specialists at 888-253-0777 or via email at helpme@walkinpets.com

Visit the Goats of Anarchy website to learn more about the wonderful work they do.

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