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Van Life: How To Convert Your Van Into a Camper


So you’ve invested in a van but now you’re looking to transform it into something much more exciting. More van owners are now committing to transforming their van into a habitable space. A great thing about converting your van is that it can be designed to suit your preference, housing all of the comforts that you require as you embark on your adventures. 

Many more individuals are now taking the leap into the world of adventure in the hope of joining the van life community as they do so. The process doesn’t need to be expensive and there are ways of completing the transformation without breaking the bank.

While you may have the DIY expertise to convert your van yourself, others may wish to invest in some help and there are many van conversion companies available that offer this service. 

Below, we have detailed tips for converting your van into a camper that is going to take you on many exciting adventures.  

Purchase your van

Of course, this is going to be the first step in the process because without your van you don’t have anything to work with. Although this may seem like an easy task, there are many factors to consider. With a variety of models available from different brands, it is important to consider the length, height, and weight of the van.

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to tackle this conversion you are likely to have an idea in mind of how you anticipate the van to look once completed. The van that you choose is going to determine how well the task is executed and the interior of the van is going to influence the layout.

Before you begin to browse the market it is worth having a budget in mind while accounting for the additional costs that are likely to be incurred throughout the process. Having a budget assigned to each stage of the process will allow you to organize your finances so you can manage the expenses of the task.

Understanding the Costs

While some may choose to utilize help from van conversion companies to complete the task, others may choose to tackle the job alone. Your budget is going to be highly influential in deciding this. Van conversion companies provide a professional standard service that takes your sketches and ideas from paper and brings them to life. Of course, you will need to consider the cost as the amount charged is likely to depend on your chosen company and the size of the van.

For those who are working with a limited budget, a DIY conversion is likely to provide a viable option. Others may be DIY enthusiasts who want to use their skills to bring a long-awaited project to life. Remember to account for the costs of the materials that will be used in the process and the essentials that will need to be fitted into the van.

Planning is key

If this is a vision that has been in the pipeline for some time, you are likely to have planned it thoroughly to ensure that the final project meets your expectations. Insufficient planning is likely to lead to challenges when completing the conversion. You will need to record measurements and it is also useful to prioritize what you require inside your converted van. Having a plan in place allows you to complete the job in an organized manner so you know what you are working on at each stage.

Make sure the van is thoroughly cleaned

The state in which you purchase your van is going to determine the amount of work that is required to clean and gut it before creating the foundations for your conversion. With some vans, it is likely to be the case that you are beginning with a clear area and this allows you to start fresh with converting the interior. Older vans are likely to require more of a deep clean before you begin with your project. 

Now you are ready to begin

So now that you have budgeted your finances, purchased your van, and planned out the process you can get to work in making your vision a reality. This is the exciting part as you can witness your ideas coming to life. For those that have enlisted the help of a conversion company, you will be saying goodbye to your old van and saying hello to your new and upgraded conversion.

For those completing the task themselves, this is where your skills can be put to the test and you can get to work. Your van conversion will need to be equipped with all of the essentials, a bed and a kitchen being the most prominent. Once completed, you can then enjoy becoming a member of the van life community. 



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