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Upcoming Super Bowl—How to Find the Best Odds


As we get closer to Super Bowl LVI, it’s becoming clear four teams are favorites to lift the trophy. The Green Bay Packers are the overall favorites. The Chiefs rank second while the Bills and Buccaneers are also possible contenders.

Super Bowl-related odds keep changing. This will happen until the last minute of the game. So, how you can find the best Super Bowl odds?

Act Now

If you want to earn a decent figure by predicting the Super Bowl; act now. Perform research to determine which of the four teams we mentioned above will lift the Lombardi trophy.

We know—there’s a handful of games to be played before it’s confirmed which two teams will head to LA’s SoFi Stadium in February. But if you wait till that time, you probably won’t love the odds given.

Presently, $100 on the Packers can earn you as much as $400. If the Packers make it to the Super Bowl, though, the odds will reduce to +150 or +200 at most.

Of the four highlighted teams, the Buccaneers have the longest odds (+800). All the same, these odds will reduce every week as long as Tampa Bay remains a favorite.

Use an Odds Comparison Site

If you’re to find the best Super Bowl odds this year, you need to shop around. While you can always check the odds at a couple of your favorite sportsbooks, using an odds comparison site will make things easier.

Odds comparison platforms compare the odds of dozens of bookmakers. Then they list the top three sites with the best odds. All you need is to check out one of the listed sportsbooks and use it to place your bet.

That being said, consider subscribing to a couple of odds comparison sites. You’ll receive news and updates related to SB odds in your email account. This way, you don’t risk forgetting to check out the sites until the odds have reduced too much.

Watch and Follow Football

You might not be the biggest football fan in the world. But if you want to win your Super Bowl bet, pay attention to football. Watch games related to the top two or three favorite franchises.

Importantly, read news related to these teams. The objective is to observe the teams’ playing styles, key players and consistency until the big day. You’ll gain valuable knowledge you could use to your advantage.

If you can’t watch the remaining football games, pay attention to the news. Be on the lookout for injuries, fired coaches, and outstanding performances. Generally, Super Bowl teams tend to dominate their opponents.

Learn to Identify Value Bets

In the search for good odds, most people focus too much on the bookie with the biggest odds. However, studies show successful sports gamblers don’t necessarily bet on the favorites.

They look for value bets. What is a value bet? It’s a prediction where bookies seem to have underrated a team. In doing so, you can win more money by placing the bet as opposed to backing the favorite.

An example would be Tampa Bay facing off with the Packers. Green Bay is the favorite to win the SB this year. But the Buccaneers are the defending champions. The Packers have a winning record over the opponents.

But in your research, you could discover information that might favor the Buccaneers to win. Maybe a few key players in the Packers’ team might be injured. You could use this information to wager on the underdogs. And if you’re right, you’ll win a decent figure.

Listen to Tipsters and Analysts

Now, most tipsters and analysts aren’t better at predicting football compared to the average fan. But it’s essential to get other people’s perspective of a game before you place your bet.

The best tipsters don’t just predict the winner. They also explain in detail why they think a certain team will win. In many cases, they also show you how the team will win—maybe through good defense or aggressive offense.

Analysts do the same job. They provide an overview of a match, all while trying to predict the winner. Listen to popular analysts to understand their perspective of the upcoming Super Bowl.

After you’ve compared varying opinions, then you can make an informed decision on the team to back. You could also conduct more research to improve your confidence in a team.

Gauge the Public Opinion

Sometimes bookies’ can be wrong. They could insist the Packers will win until the last minute only for a different team to win. Due to that, widen your scope of the game by gauging public opinion.

Join Twitter or a football forum that’s dedicated to talking about the game. You’ll find all sorts of opinions who believe a certain team will win due to various reasons.

Now, your job isn’t to read people’s opinions and take them as the gospel truth. It is to understand why people think Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers will be the Super Bowl MVP.

If thousands of people seem to back a certain tip, learn more on why it is possible. Also, find out its weaknesses. In the end, you want to back the team with the best chances of winning.

 Keep Checking Around

One indisputable fact about Super Bowl odds is that they change constantly. The odds betting sites are showing at the time of writing will be different during the pro bowl weekend. And they will change again until the game starts.

Owing to that background, you don’t have to settle for the current odds. Wait a week or a fortnight from now. You’ll find changing odds.


Leading betting websites are giving bettors all around the world the chance to predict which team will lift the Lombardi trophy in February. Want to bet using the best odds?

Consider betting as soon as possible. Chances are the odds for favorite teams will continue to reduce. Alternatively, wait until the Super Bowl week for clarity on the two teams to clash in the major event.