Home News Unprecedented: Broward School Staff Investigates Two School Board Members!

Unprecedented: Broward School Staff Investigates Two School Board Members!

Higher ups in the school system ordered an investigation of two School Board members after a complaint their comments at a public meeting amounted to bullying.

The taxpayer-paid investigation of School Board members Robin Bartleman and Nora Rupert cleared the two public officials, according to documents obtained by Browardbeat.com Friday.

The results are not as notable as this:

It is unprecedented that the school staff conducted an investigation of Board members for comments they made at a public meeting.

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Roibert Runcie

The two members investigated — Bartleman and Rupert — are the most outspoken critics of School Superintendent Robert Runcie.

Triggering the extraordinary investigation was Jillian Haring, a teacher that Runcie personally promoted outside of the usual channels.

The Superintendent said he admired Haring skills with a computer and databases. So he gave her a job in January 2015 as an investigator with the school police, although she had no law enforcement training.

But her transition wasn’t smooth.

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