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The Ultimate Guide On How To Lower Your Triglycerides


There are so many elements to our diet that we need to think about. It’s more than just calories in and out. We need to think about the types of cholesterol and fats we’re eating while making sure we get the right nutrients to support our system. There’s so much that some of the simplest elements are ignored because they sound tricky.

This is the case with triglycerides. You’ll look at the name and instantly think they’ll be the hardest of all to understand. That’s not the case.

Triglycerides are the fat content within your blood. They help you gain energy throughout the day, and you can store them for later use. They’re stored around the belly and hips and are often referred to as “lipids” (a type of fat). They will eventually digest and form energy, but you need to create a deficit in the energy levels within your body to call for them to be needed.

And you need to keep them to a healthy level. Too many triglycerides can lead to heart problems, including cardiovascular disease.

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Of course, now it comes to looking at your diet again, and you need to consider your overall lifestyle. So, it’s time for your ultimate guide to lowering your triglycerides without causing masses of stress!

Are Your Triglycerides Too High?

Let’s look at triglycerides for a moment, before looking at lowering them. We know that they do have a necessity, so it’s important to make sure you have enough of them in your body. That means focusing knowing just how high is too high.

It’s important to get tested for your triglyceride levels on a regular basis. The American Heart Association suggests every five years from the age of 21. Be honest with yourself. How often have you had a lipid panel? The chances are that you don’t even remember the last time you had one. Don’t worry; I don’t either!

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