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Types of Private Investigation Services


Some tasks are quite difficult to try to do yourself. For example, conducting an investigation on your own, you may lack some relevant skills, tactics, and resources. Therefore, you will likely need an expert to tackle them. There are three categories of investigations to consider: descriptive investigation, experimental investigation, and comparative investigation.

Some investigation agencies deal with personal cases while other agencies deal with corporate, businesses, law firms, and personal issues. One such agency is private investigator in Orlando.

There are many types of investigation services. They include:

1. Cyber investigations.

Since we are in the digital era, there are several crimes committed online like hacking and cyberbullying. In this type of investigation, they track the people involved and their actions and their accounts. This requires expertise in cybersecurity and forensics. They gather electronic evidence. 

2. Property Investigations.

This is where investigators look into illegal construction on private property or disputed land that is involved in a corruption case. They can also investigate legal ownership for a piece of land that you are interested in. 

3. Spouse investigations.

One concerned partner in a relationship suspects that the other partner is not faithful and hires investigators to gather information.  Emails, texts, and calls help in this case to determine whether the partner is cheating or not. The partner can also be followed and pictures taken as proof. 

4. Corporate investigations.

These types of investigations are involved in cases of corporate fraud and misconduct. They have a good understanding of financial statements and their respective corporate policies. They investigate when there is a sudden loss of money, allegations of dealing with illegal drugs, and corruption. They will also communicate with employees to assess their knowledge of the events.  

5. Civil investigations.

Civil cases are those between two parties when one party is accused by the other of having failed to uphold a certain legal duty that was agreed upon by both parties. An investigator gathers information about both involved in the case. Different investigators can be hired by both parties to bring upon accurate evidence. Interviewing the parties is also a way to get more information to present in the court. 

6. Child custody investigations.

Investigators look into both parents to determine which parent should have custody. They examine how the child is treated by each parent. They do background checks on the parents looking for drug abuse, gambling, reckless driving, and violence factors that are brought up in court. The investigators monitor the respective parent’s behaviors as well as get to know more about their workplaces and how they relate with others to measure whether they are fit to stay with the child. 

7. Missing person investigations.

When someone suddenly disappears, private investigators may be hired. They must have excellent skills in tracking devices, messages, calls, and emails. They can search for someone who may have defrauded you. They can conduct physical searches by air, road, or by sea. Background checks are done on the missing individual. Searching hospitals and mortuaries are also important since that person could have been involved in an accident or is dead.


You are now aware that there are different types of cases that can be investigated by someone other than the police. Investigators combine technology, investigative plans, and various methods to solve cases and provide reliable work to their clients.