#TrumpSniffles Wins First Debate (Video)

Frame grab from USA Today video

The first debate between the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is over. Now the pundits take the stage analyzing who said what, what it means and who they think won the debate. [we’ll cover the debate issues in a separate story]

We haven’t seen any numbers yet, indicating how many people viewed the debate held at Hofstra University, although estimates ranged from 100- to 150- Million viewers.

There was one clear winner, according to twitter – Donald Trump’s sniffles. Here’s a story by USAToday on #TrumpSniffles, and followed by a video from The Hollywood Reporter, one of many such videos on the internet

USA Today sums it up: Is Donald Trump sick? Either way, #TrumpSniffles is now a thing.

After Republican nominee Donald Trump repeatedly sniffled during some of his early answers during Monday’s debate against Hillary Clinton, the Twitterverse could not stop running its nose, errr, mouth about it.

Here are some of the tweets USA Today posted:

Tweets #TrumpSniffles by USAToday