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Traveling in a Post-COVID World


Traveling in the time of coronavirus may be impossible with various travel bans in place. As a result of the pandemic, many vacations have been canceled or postponed indefinitely, resulting in frustration and cabin fever for those wanting to see the world.

Going forward, there is no doubt that traveling will be very different from what we’re accustomed to, and changes must be made accordingly in our own preparations.

Research Upcoming Vacations

If you were one of the unlucky folks whose vacation was postponed or canceled this year, don’t think that you’ll never get to go there. Look for a similar upcoming vacation or something different like a transatlantic cruise for when travel restrictions are lifted. As the world is still facing uncertainty, stay up-to-date on news and travel advisories in case things go south.

Check Local Requirements

With COVID affecting travel like never before, workers in the hospitality field are taking extra steps to provide passengers a safe and enjoyable vacation. With this in mind, there may be requirements in place for travelers depending on the location.

Some destinations require a 14-day quarantine once you arrive, which doesn’t sound fun on vacation but is necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19. Others may require a negative COVID-19 test before you set foot on land. Read up on your destination’s requirements before you head out.

Travel by Car

By far, car travel is considered the safest way to get around the country with minimal risk of catching the virus. Despite that, you must still take measures to keep yourself safe. Pack plenty of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes, if possible. Face masks are considered a necessity, so bring as many as you can; handmade masks can be hand washed and used again. Try to bring food and drinks, also, but if you want to make a stop at a restaurant, opt for curbside pickup or drive-thru service.

Take a Bus or Train

These two methods of travel may not be as ideal due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever use them. If you’re traveling somewhere and need to take public transportation to your destination, the same general guidelines apply in this case. Practice social distancing as frequently as possible and sanitize your hands after you arrive. Car rentals are also an option, but make sure to read up on the rental company’s disinfection policies before doing so.

Make a COVID-19 Essentials List

One already knows that hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and face masks are mandatory to carry with them while traveling in the pandemic. But if you have other things that you may need, take note of them. This will be important when something goes out of stock in a store, such as toilet paper. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so try to carry at least two of each essential item.

Read Hotel Policies

Hotels are the main destinations that house tourists and cater to their needs for a full, hospitable experience. They are a major component of the tourism industry and are welcoming guests every day while the pandemic powers through. As of now, every hotel should have a strict COVID-19 policy in place to inform guests to do their part to slow the spread. Sometimes these policies for non-major hotels can be unclear, so do your research before booking and ask questions if you’re still unsure.

Stay Home if You’re Sick

Wanderlust is a great feeling to have because it means you’re always ready to take on a new adventure. If you’re sick or not feeling too great, though, going on vacation will likely be a miserable time for yourself and all involved. The world isn’t going anywhere, so stay home and rest up until you’re healthy again.

Along with the standard CDC guidelines, take these tips into account when you plan your next vacation or go on a spontaneous adventure. As always, everyone should do their part to slow the spread and prevent others from getting sick.