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Travel Plans On Hold? Try Fishing This Summer

COVID-19 has transformed the travel industry, and there’s no telling how and when we’ll be able to return to our travel plans. Seeing as we’re in the midst of the pandemic, going on a trip now comes with a certain number of challenges. Some of the questions you may be wondering about might be:

Will I be able to hop on a plane? What do I need in order to go on a vacation? How do I keep my family and myself protected?

The answers to these questions are changing as the situation develops. One thing’s for certain – traveling in 2020 will be different. A lot of people are swapping their international vacation plans for something closer to home, making this is a great opportunity to explore the possibilities already around them. If you’re looking for a nice way to spend time outside, why not give fishing a try?

Fishing will get you out on the open water, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. Talk about social distancing! Whether you’re experienced enough to fish on your own or you choose to hire a charter for the day, now’s a great time to explore the fun of fishing. Here’s five reasons why a fishing trip should be at the top of your summer plans.

1. Traveling locally is safer and more affordable

If you had plans to fly overseas this summer, chances are you’ve already had to cancel them. After countries around the world imposed quarantines and closed their borders, flights were canceled and hotels closed down. The tides are slowly starting to turn as countries reopen. However, people are unlikely to go traveling again any time soon.

Airports are hubs of international travel. With people from all over the world coming into contact, it’s not always easy to protect ourselves. Add to that the fact that you might have to get tested or go into self-isolation upon arrival, and your summer vacation quickly becomes hard work instead of enjoyment.

Luckily, with fishing, you can have your cake and eat it too! In the hyperconnected world we’re used to, exploring our immediate surroundings has taken the back seat. If there’s one thing COVID-19 has opened our eyes to, it’s that the beauty of spending time in nature has become a forgotten pleasure.

Hopping in your car and driving to the nearest body of water for a nice day of fishing will provide you with much needed time outside without setting foot on a plane.

Not to mention the price! Charter fishing can cost you a bit of money. However, compared to the cost of a full-on vacation – it’s a real bargain. This is a great way to get out with your loved ones without spending the thousands of dollars you’d spend on international travel.

2. Supporting local businesses

With the economic downturn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of small businesses have been under pressure. Boosting the economy after this stagnant period is going to play an important part in post-COVID-19 recovery. This is where you come in!

Charter captains everywhere have had to make sacrifices. Not going out on the water at the beginning of the high season has put a strain on their ability to keep their business afloat. By investing in a trip on a fishing charter, you’ll be lending a helping hand to these small businesses that depend on us.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your holiday funds on a trip with the family, consider fishing. You’ll get to spend some time in nature having fun, enjoying nice views, and reeling in some great catches. Getting your money back in the form of a couple of delicious meals is well worth it in our opinion

FishingBooker, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.comJune 8, 2020