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Top Tips For Your Vegas Holiday

Considering a first time trip to Vegas for some fun, games and perhaps even some gambling? Then here’s what you need to know. 

Safety First! Be A Good Pedestrian

You don’t want to end up in the emergency room as a result of a road accident you could’ve avoided. So, look left, look right, and repeat the same once. Pedestrians must always be extra cautious and pay attention when they use the Strip. Traffic is terrifying. , Even when the light clearly says, “Walk,” take your time look lefts, then right … and voila! You’re good to go.

Staying Online

Can’t afford to disconnect from the internet? Not to worry, a majority of hotels, restaurants, and bars in Vegas have high-speed WiFi. However, staying connected might cost you extra, or it could be free if you’re lucky.

Some hotels will even go out of their way to keep you connected and offer business centers that have printers and computers. Hotels like the Venetian will also include a fax machine/printer in every room.

Are you booked at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and have an outstanding work email that you must send or go through before the day ends, but you’re having problems connecting your mobile device? Don’t worry; they have tech experts to sort out all your connection issues. Staying connected in Vegas is not an issue considering that one can always find free WiFi in many bars and coffee shops – including Starbucks.

Stay Hydrated With Bottled Water

The temperature can rise to 106 degrees in summer. So it’s only natural that you’d want to take a sip of water now and then to not only keep heat strokes away but also to reduce your risk of passing out. Besides, spending your nights enjoying a couple of drinks or even drinking by the pool during the day only makes things worse. But steer clear of tap water – the smell can be worse than the dehydration – and opt to buy bottled water from local stores instead of the hotels. Better yet, stock up. 

Knowing Your Way Around The Games

Are you new to gambling? If you are, there’s nothing to be shy about. We all recall pretty well that awkward and bizarre feeling. When you sit at a table, maybe for a game of roulette or blackjack, it might do you good to take lessons if the casino provides any. You’ll notice that a majority of casinos offer free table games lessons in the afternoon on weekdays. If there aren’t any lessons available, ask.

If you’re getting the hang of how the games work but the high table Limits on the Strip are too much for you, turn to the tables in downtown Vegas. The table minimums there are typically lower, so learning how to gamble won’t dig a big hole in your wallet.

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Join The Players Club A majority of casinos in Vegas will offer a players club, and these clubs are typically linked, which means they are applicable in different properties. For instance, Caesars Entertainment offers the Total Rewards Car, MGM Resorts International has the M life, and Station Casinos offer Boarding Pass.

All you need to do is provide your driver’s license for proof of ID, and you’ll have your frequent gambler card from your hotel. You don’t want to miss on joining a players club; not only do they offer you benefits for every dollar spent, but they also add you on their email list. You never know, they might send a ticket to a free show or even a special room rate your way. You can also accumulate points to exchange for free stuff.

Watch Out For The Sun

Don’t let the sun spoil an otherwise fun trip. Pack your sunscreen and put it to good use. If you didn’t pack one, most pool clubs and convenience stores sell it. You’ll want to get one that actually helps, so choose one with an SPF of at least 30. Of course, putting your sunscreen to good use means using it frequently, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of swimming or sweating. You might also want to wear sunglasses with a UV coating and a hat.