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Top Online Casino Payment Options 2020

The Internet changed everything, even the games of chance. Today, you can enjoy a gambling rush from the commodity of your home. The mechanics of the games are the same, but online casinos brought some changes to the conventional gambling methods – we exchanged dollar bills for Webmoney and a road trip for an armchair.

The virtual leap from actual money and chips made many players wary. This is understandable because security is a real issue to take into consideration. Online payment methods are plenty and can seem confusing, but fear not. The process is actually very simple and intuitive.

Here is a list of best E-Wallet payment solutions for online casino gaming, with detailed descriptions of how they work and where to use them.

How to use E-Wallets and where to get one

There are a plethora of options when it comes to E-Wallets, but many of them are not the best choice for online gambling. The ones we have chosen for this article are accepted in most online casinos in the UK, Europe, and the US. In a nutshell, this is how it works.

Beware that all reputable E-Wallet providers need your personal data like Passport or ID info to let you use all of their services. Whether or not you want to provide this info depends on how you plan to use the E-Wallet.


This provider offers various options for depositing and receiving money. You can choose to transfer funds from your VISA/Mastercard, directly using bank transfer or through Neosurf vouchers.

Withdrawing options include direct bank transfer, Neosurf prepaid vouchers and the Neocash Mastercard. The latter option is very convenient because you can also use it as a regular Mastercard to pay for services or withdraw money from an ATM.


WebMoney is one of the most secure E-Wallets out there. It does require more personal info than some other providers, but it also offers more security. Each user has their own “keeper” which is a personal WebMoney purse.

Funds can be added to this purse via credit/debit cards, direct bank transfer, or cash-in terminals for Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) citizens. Withdrawing can be done to a linked credit/debit card, via bank transfer or using money transfer via services like Western Union.


This E-Wallet offers support for all platforms (desktop, Android and iOS) with a very elegant and intuitive design. It is a secure and trusted platform, highly popular and accepted worldwide. The versatility of this provider is its biggest strength. You can use it for any type of payment, in brick-and-mortar stores or anywhere online.

Deposits can be made with a VISA or a Mastercard, as well as directly from the online casino to the Skrill digital wallet. The funds can be withdrawn to the Skrill Mastercard which can be used at any ATM, or via a bank account or a linked credit/debit card.


Neteller and Skrill are both parts of the Paysafe Group. There are quite a few similarities between the two, but they are still separate and different E-Wallets. However, having accounts on both platforms is very convenient because they offer fast and easy money transfers between the two.

Depositing and receiving money works practically the same as with Skrill. What is interesting about Neteller is that it offers both virtual and physical Net+ Cards for the European Economic Area. Neteller offers the following currencies: British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Denmark Krone, and Sweden Krona.

Comparison of E-Wallet possibilities and fees

E-Wallet Deposit Withdrawal Conversion fee  Prepaid Card Exchanging Bitcoin
Neosurf FREE via VISA, Mastercard, debit card


4.5 % fee with Neosurf vouchers

1.5% via bank transfer


2% ATM fee via Neocash Mastercard worldwide

2%  Neocash Mastercard No
WebMoney 0.8% of the payment amount for every transaction N/A Various options Yes
Skrill 1% for all deposit options 7.5% via VISA card


5.5 EUR per transaction via a direct bank transfer


1.45% for transferring money between Skrill accounts

3.99% Skrill Mastercard for citizens of the European Economic Area Yes
Neteller 2.5% fee 10 USD per transaction  via a direct bank transfer


1.45% for transferring money between Neteller accounts


Fees via an ATM with the Net+ Physical Mastercard depend on the membership type (up to 1.75%)


3.99% Net+