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Top Niches for Professional Life Coaches


Finding the relevant niche for your life coaching business is like finding a nugget of gold during the gold rush. The feeling of choosing your specialty area is just as exciting as finding something truly valuable in a gold mine.

Professional life coach certification institutes such as Life Purpose Institute train you to ensure your career skyrockets. To make your prospect more interesting here is a list of some high-priority niches in the life coaching industry. These details will help you set yourself as a top name among the best life coach certification and set your business accordingly.

Niches in Life Coaching

  • Business Coaching

One of the important types of life coaches is a business coach. Business coaching is in high demand because it helps businesses and their employees reach new heights. This type of life coaching has helped many companies create star executives who can get things done, making them attractive for both employers and potential workers alike. It’s no surprise this type of life guidance has become sought after and helps people who need advice or support.

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  • Small Business Coaching

This niche is similar to business coaching but relates to small businesses only. Initiating a small business or a startup is always challenging and having a professional life coach certification holder by your side gives you the confidence to run your endeavor. Small business life coaches help owners and entrepreneurs make wise decisions that help their growth and development.

  • Career Coaches

Career coaches work with clients to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses figure out how best to utilize those abilities for success in the workplace. They also guide interviews and understand what it takes from getting hired all the way through after you’ve gained employment. Career coaches will find a wealth of tools in this section to help them with business and personal coaching.

  • Relationship Coaches

One of the most popular types of life coaching is relationship-centered. It seems like the perfect niche to specialize in, but it’s more complex than that. Sometimes clients need help with friendships and people skills too. Suppose you’re empathetic or good at solving problems. In that case, relationship coaching could be an excellent type of life coaching for your expertise – just make sure not to get stuck working only on couples’ relationships.

  • Personal Development Coaches

Some of the most popular publications and books on life coaching are centered on personal development. Clients want to get their life back on track, and for that, they need the best life coach certification professional by their side. The life coach will help the client move forward through feeling stuck.

It’s common for people to go through times when they feel there is no way out, which makes personal development coaching so popular.

  • Recovery Coaches

Recovery coaches work with people addicted to drugs or alcohol, which can be one of the more difficult niches in life coaching. However, it’s also rewarding because they help clients find healthy coping mechanisms so that their lives will become free from substances altogether. As recovery coaches help individuals live their lives free from substances by finding healthy coping mechanisms, it’s an important branch of coaching best for people who love challenges.