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Top Games for Floridians


Florida is one of the US’s most iconic states. Known for its fair weather, massive reptiles, and outspoken residents, visitors rarely forget their trips to places like Tallahassee, Miami and Jupiter.

Given how unique local life is, it’s no surprise that the state is the subject of many creative projects—video games included. Gamers from the state will find that they have tons of options to choose from when searching for titles inspired by a Floridian theme or set inside state lines. Though not all carry the name ‘Florida’ in their titles or descriptions, they carry all the tell-tale signs of the region’s culture.

If you’re looking for a video game that’s perfect for Floridians,  check out some of the titles below.

Tropical Slots

For casino fans who enjoy slots online, there’s a nearly endless list of titles that feel catered toward South Florida living. The Cobra Room from Luckyland Slots, for example, feels just like a night in Miami, while Amazonia and Undersea Dreamin’ closely capture the coastal and tropical lifestyle that so many love.

With bonus features and engaging settings and characters, slots offer a perfect escape for people who may not be interested in video gaming or casual mobile titles. Be sure to check back for updates so you can experience new titles as soon as they’re added.

State Sports: Golf & NASCAR

Florida doesn’t have an official state sport… but many would guess either golfing or NASCAR based on local interests. Though many sports fans also support Florida’s NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams, the most influential annual events are linked to the PGA’s annual Arnold Palmer Invitational and NASCAR’s Daytona 500.

Fans of racing can check out NASCAR Dirt to Daytona for an up-close simulation of the state’s most famous race. Those who want to tinker with building an actual racing sim setup can instead opt for the iRacing platform, inspired by NASCAR. Fans of golf will have a few more options. Many gamers prefer the early 2000s Tiger Woods PGA Tour releases, along with more recent The Golf Club projects.

Retro Miami Vibes

Miami back in the 1980s will be remembered for a few different things, but one theme that many games have hit on is the city’s classic retro style. If you’re attracted to the city’s wildest era, then dive into a game that explores this iconic setting and period. 

Miami Vice: The Game takes a highly dramatic approach to the metropolis, along with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Both games involve high-stakes action—though GTA manages to capture the actual city (street by street, in some cases) with incredible accuracy.

For fans of racing, Miami once again provides a stellar backdrop for gaming developers to create new courses. F1 22, for example, includes the official Formula One stopover in Miami, which occurred in 2022 at the Miami International Autodrome. 

For Your Inner Pirate

Southern Florida’s longstanding history with pirates has made the state the subject of dozens of Caribbean pirate adventures. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of the most historically accurate game series—and its Black Flag installation takes gamers straight into the madness of a pirate’s life in the Caribbean back in the early 1700s. The story involves plenty of twists and turns, which follow actual historical events.

If Assassin’s Creed sounds a bit intense, then consider a more comedic approach. Monkey Island was originally released back in 1990 but continues today with new releases. Players attempt to earn a reputation as a terrifying pirate while playing as the hapless hero, Guybrush Threepwood. All the while, a mysterious place called Monkey Island provides the perfect backdrop.



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