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Top 5 Trending Vietnam River Cruises 2022/ 2023

RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise

After a long time of social distancing, travelers in Vietnam and around the world are seeking more unprecedented and fulfilling adventures since traveling trends are shifting into relaxing and healing vacations.

On the other hand, Vietnam, with a rich history and tradition linked to the flow of legendary rivers, has become a dream destination for many foreign and even domestic tourists. Vietnam river cruises, therefore, are currently in high demand and continually fully booked at a fast pace as the government has announced the reopening of Vietnam’s border.

Despite the dense schedule, all river cruises in Vietnam keep a professional posture and them one of the most worthy travel experiences ever. If you are keeping your eye on this type of floating resort, here are the top 5 Vietnam river cruises you should look out for.

RV Mekong Prestige II Cruise

Launched by a Vietnamese-French joint venture in late 2013, the RV Mekong Prestige II cruise features only 32 staterooms which embody both imposing elegance and a regional Khmer accent. The contented accommodation is spread out over three decks to assure all staterooms have their private balcony with indoor and outdoor spaces to relax in.

This Vietnam river cruise also provides 24-hour service and other high-class facilities such as the boutique library, gymnasium, and observatory to satisfy all customers’ needs. The experienced crew team and friendly staff on this incredible boat tour will take you on an out-of-the-world voyage while exploring the isolated exquisiteness of the Mekong river.

Heritage Line Jayavarman Cruise

Jayavarman is a whimsical combination of an art gallery and a state-of-the-art Vietnam river cruise. As the leading cruise of the Heritage Line’s ship collection, Jayavarman is inspired by King Jayavarman VII, the creator of most divine temples of the lost Angkorian civilization and the famous lover of ancient artistic creation. The charming French-colonial cruise offers three types of accommodation; all are delicately designed with embroidered silk bedding and intricately chiseled furnishing as an interpretation of Southeast Asia’s culture. With Jayavarman’s heartfelt services and deluxe facilities, you will experience one of the top Vietnam cruise packages while being encompassed by the primitive grandiose nature of the Mekong river.

Heritage Line Jahan Cruise

Travel back in time and enjoy a desirable life of the elites, an encounter and his lady perhaps, with the Jahan Mekong delta cruise. The enchanting Jahan is a real-life fairy tale, designed with the theme of former British-India glory and a nostalgic aura of the 16th century. Patterned ceiling, layering fine arts, and outfitting all are combined and emphasize the regal charm of this Vietnam luxury river cruise.

Its staterooms are named Superior, Deluxe, Signature Suite, and Noble Suite respectively; each is outfitted with a unique theme linked to the history and geography of India and Britain. If you have ever fallen in love with the extravagance of Bridgeton’s balls and “debutant,” then traveling with Jahan would be a lifetime must-have experience in the year 2022/2023.

RV Mekong Princess Cruise

Mekong Princess cruise, a popular Mekong Delta cruise among all Vietnam cruises in 2022, was launched by Viet princess cruiser corporation with a history stretched back to the early 2000s. Long years of experience and unique shore excursions of the cruise are the firmest promises for your Vietnam boat tour. The suite accommodates 28 guests and 14 suites, including Junior Suite, Saigon Suite, Apsara Suite, Tonle Suite, and Angkor Suite. The cruise also offers a themed restaurant and lounge along with a high-quality spa and fitness center. Cruising with RV Mekong Princess Cruise, you will have a “once-in-a-lifetime” journey with relaxing activities, and the fulfillment will be yours.

Toum Tiou I Cruise

With the advantage of being low draft, Toum Toiu will take you on a journey along the river line, which is the only way for travelers to gain unobstructed views of the wonderfully rustic existence of the local people. While other river cruises in Vietnam will require you to disembark mid-river, the Vietnam cruise packages offered by Toum Tiou are able to access the remotest villages, which still remain their pristine beauty and are hardly touched by modernity.

The elegant Mekong cruise Vietnam has 14 cabins with vintage French-colonial style built with noble woods and deluxe interior design. With Toum Tiou, you will have the best time ever with your family and your loved ones.

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