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Top 4 Tips for Perfecting Your Logistics and Supply Chain

Factory worker using application on mobile smartphone to operrate automation for modern trade. Checking order in large warehouse. Import and export the shipping cargo.

When it comes to executing and shipping your products there are two key factors to consider, the supply chain and logistics. Each requires its own unique management but must work in tandem for everything to run smoothly.

For the purpose and scope of this piece, we are going to be focusing on the top tips for perfecting your logistics and supply chain.

Tip #1: Strategy is Everything

According to Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital, “In the military, successful logistics has proven the difference between winning and losing.” Business is no different. A great plan can ensure better efficiency as a great logistics manager will “lookup” the supply chain intuitively understanding every angle that needs to be considered.

It’s no secret that last-minute decision making and not factoring in rare circumstances can cost you dearly. Having a contingency plan is essential in logistics and supply chain management. To do this, plan every single element including various issues that can and most likely will crop up. If you are just starting out consider consulting with experts in logistics who can assist you as you map out potential scenarios.

Tip #2: Get Automated

If your system isn’t already fully automated what are you waiting for? The digital age has made it possible for us to remove easy human errors that can cause irreparable damage. There are fantastic tools you can utilize at every stage of your business to automate your logistics and supply chain.

  1. Onfleet – delivery management software done right great for local deliveries that utilize couriers
  2. LogistaaS – Freight forwarding done right thanks to this cloud-based SaaS
  3. Excalibur WMS – warehouse management fully integrated

Tip #3: Customer Experience

Ironically, the more things are done online the more people crave a personal touch. The customer experience is having a massive impact on the supply chain with 30% of people considering their experience as the driving force behind their choice and over 60% surveyed and agreed that people are willing to pay a higher price to receive an excellent customer experience.

Considering this, it is imperative you factor in every part of the supply and logistics chain to accommodate your customer. More so than ever describing and advertising the level of customer satisfaction and amenities they can look forward to when they choose your company.

Some services to consider are 24/7 technical support and free drop shipping or courier service to deliver beyond expectations.

Tip #4: Stay Alert

An easy mistake to make is letting your guard down around peak periods throughout the year. Companies that prepare well in advance for these high traffic times reap the rewards while others can literally be ground to a halt with some easily overlooked processes.

Consistent monitoring and backlog mitigation can help triage important cases that will impact your business. Choosing seasonal teams to add more eyes, ears, and hands to the logistics and supply chain will make a phenomenal difference.

Take Away

When it comes to your logistics and supply chain don’t procrastinate. Instead, use tried and true tips that you can leverage to keep your business churning out excellent production at all times. Don’t forget to utilize the necessary tools in various areas so your system is automated.

Customers matter and companies that know and are committed to their experience can expect consistent traffic and customer loyalty. Last, but not least, an organic strategy supported by malleable systems will support your business regardless of the snags that will arise.