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Top 4 Healthiest Dog Chews for Your Precious Pup

Dogs are the most adorable and friendly creatures in the world. A dog can be your shoulder to cry on, a pal for your ventures and the perfect home partner that is always there waiting for you with a big smile on its face. Pups don’t have high demands and are always ready for hugs and cuddles.

And even though, unlike some social animals (humans), they are the sweetest creatures, they also have specific wants and desires to help themselves become complete. And one of the primary yearnings of dogs that they absolutely love is a longlasting and delicious chew. Some dogs go crazy over chewing different things, and various large builds can even tear down walls doing it if they don’t get a better counterpart.

Chewing may be their hobby, but it is quite a dangerous one and can become a hazard to their health. As chewing can have your pup consuming tiny particles of the chew even under surveillance, it can induce health problems in your furry friend. So here are some healthy alternatives to help your pup have the time of its life and get some nutrients while grinding as well:

Raw Bone

The most go-to chews for dogs and their most favorite are raw bones. Raw bones are high in calcium and phosphorus that strengthen the skeleton and are essential for muscles. There are many options to choose your raw bones from including beef, lamb and poultry parts.

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So if you have a large dog, a beef bone can be best, and lamb bone for a smaller built, according to their capacity to handle the bone well. While most poultry parts are unsafe for consuming as their trifling and fragile bone structure can get into the pup’s system and cause harm, only the neck and back can be safe to chomp.

Raw bones are the most delicious treat for your dog and the most chewable as well. However, choosing the right bone can be a tough task as many can turn out to be brittle and some too heavy for the poor pup. Also, they can’t last that long due to the meat going bad and the bone developing bad odors, so they have to be disposed of soon.

Rubber Toys

High density and elasticity rubber toys like the Kong ones are the best for their longlasting effect and safety. Your dog will never get bored chewing on a flexible rubber toy, and it can be the best thing to keep it distracted. Auspiciously, rubber toys come in all shapes and sizes to woo the pup into chewing, and there are different types for different built dogs. Also, you can find that many dog toys come flavored like with peanut butter. Some chews can also be edible that can slowly be consumed until there isn’t much left of them.


These may be the easiest chews for any dog parent as elk antlers are so robust that they almost never wear out. These are natural and the purest chews for dogs. And don’t worry, obtaining them doesn’t involve another animal getting hurt, they are used after they come off naturally. Antlers are a whole package for perfect chews as they have marrow that can be consumed by the pet slowly over time, providing it with essential bone and muscle nutrients. Make sure to buy the correct size for the right dog as small dogs can hurt their teeth with strong antlers, and tiny ones can be consumed as a whole by big dogs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when looking for the perfect dog antler, make sure to buy from reliable resources that take care of the product well before supplying. For instance, Gnawtlers provide A-grade antlers by vacuum sealing them to countermeasure the chances of contamination and nature harm inflicted. Fortunately, these are available at Pet Parents, the recognized supplier of essential pet things.

Yak Cheese

This chew is more like a tasty snack for dogs. Yak Cheese is a healthy chew made from yak’s milk and is a hard chew that is longlasting and robust. Pups love the rich flavor it offers and tend to chew on it for hours. Interestingly, it also has no bad odor and doesn’t stain either.

Yak cheese is packed with nutrients and is low fat, so it doesn’t harm pup’s weight. However, it can be high in calories which may not sit well with some small or elderly puppies.  And whenever a dog is chewing away with it, the stiff cheese needs to be examined, as after it reduces to a smaller size, it isn’t entirely consumed to create tummy problems.