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Today Is National BraveHearts Day

National BraveHearts Day

National BraveHearts Day, April 28th honors the bravery of families dealing with pediatric cancer, the bravery of children suffering from cancer, and all the people who care so deeply about the lives of these precious kids.

BraveHearts for Kids exists to help Save the Lives of Children with Cancer by providing Information, Hope, Guidance and Resources to families dealing with a cancer crisis.  Services are free, and 100% of individual contributions go to support programs which include Emergency Fundraising and 1-on-1 Mentoring where families are matched with a mentor that has been through a similar diagnosis and crisis with a child of their own.

April 28th also coincides with the kick-off of operation “Brave Future”, a massive expansion initiative which will take BraveHearts for Kids Services and Programs from the local level to the national level thereby increasing their outreach and capacity to help many, many more suffering families all over the United States.

Another key feature of “Operation Brave Future” is the final phase of “BraveHeart’s Spotlight Hope Project”, a comprehensive Resource Guide for Parents and Families of Children that have Cancer.

The Resource Guide reflects over seven years of learning and sharing among the Pediatric Cancer community and features children that have survived against the odds.  It will serve as both inspiration and a step-by-step guide to help families ultimately find and obtain successful treatment for their children.  Many common questions of parents, friends and family, will be addressed.  The guide provides answers to questions that no parent of a child facing cancer should have to go without.  We all wonder “What were the defining reasons for success that enabled certain children not only to survive, but thrive?”  This is just one of the key answers this project seeks to uncover and examine from many different perspectives.

Everyone knows someone who has been touched by a Pediatric Cancer crisis.  If cancer hasn’t touched your own children, it may have touched a friend’s child or someone in your community.  If you know of someone dealing with Pediatric Cancer, take the time today to let them know how much you care.  Reach-out and celebrate their bravery, and make sure they know about the support programs available at http://braveheartsforkids.org.


Check out the events at braveheartsforkids.org and use #NationalBraveHeartsDay to post on social media.


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