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Tips When Using A One Hitter

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A one-hitter is ideal for people looking for something simple to use that will still offer the same thrill as smoking. It’s convenient, allows for a single inhalation, and delivers the maximum thrill possible. To fully enjoy it though, you must know how best to load it up, light it, and clean it after use.

The one-hitter pipe became very popular during the period of cannabis prohibition as people began looking for ways to discreetly smoke cannabis. Designed for a single inhalation of cannabis, it can hold up to 25 milligrams of cannabis. It’ll also actively help you control your dosage and it’s more convenient for you to enjoy your smoking session. 

One powerful advantage of using this device is that it allows you to savor the pleasure of having a small hit discreetly. It looks like a cigarette and allows you to smoke without drawing too much attention to yourself. Another advantage of using this smoking device is that it helps you conserve your supply because it only burns a small amount of cannabis per time.  

The only problem you might encounter when using this pipe is that it can get hot too quickly, making it difficult to control. Thankfully, modern devices like The Dart one hitter are heat resistant and give you a more pleasurable experience. 

Below are some top tips to keep in mind when you use a one-hitter. 

  • Grind Your Herbs Correctly

While grinding the herbs or flowers, you have to use the right consistency to avoid inhaling ash while smoking. 

  • Load It Up Vertically

Loading up is very simple; all you need to do is fill the narrow chamber or end with your tobacco. It’s important to fill it up loosely or you could end up restricting the airflow while smoking. Always wait a little while after taking a hit before loading up another one, because too much smoking can be dangerous to your health.

  • Light It The Right Way

The way you light a one-hitter affects whether you’ll have an enjoyable smoking experience.  They can only hold small fillings of herbs per use, so it’s easy to burn your hands or inhale harmful smoke if you light it for too long. Hot smoke and embers can easily make their way to the back of your throat if it’s too hot—this can be an unpleasant experience. 

To avoid this, light it up for just a second or two and then put out the flame. Also, position the pipe to point downwards to prevent it from getting too hot too quickly. It’s always better to draw slowly and steadily. 

Most people find it hard to tell whether tobacco is blazing or not because they can’t see it. To solve this problem, gaze at your lighter’s shiny metal top—this will give you an indication if the tobacco is ready or not. 

  • Keep It Clean

It’s important to clean your smoking device after every use. You can tap out the ash and use a pipe cleaner. 

However, if you notice it’s getting caked with char and the leftovers of your past smoking sessions, follow these steps:

  • Take a plastic bag and fill it with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Add a tablespoon of salt to the alcohol.
  • Place your one-hitter inside the alcohol and salt solution and swirl until it touches all the corners of the pipe.
  • Seal the bag and leave the pipe in it for 30-60 minutes to remove all dirt and ash buildups in the pipe.
  • Remove the pipe and rinse it with water. You can use a pipe cleaner to remove the remaining resin.
  • Let your smoking device dry thoroughly before its next use.