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Tips On Decorating Your Beach Home With Fresh Flowers

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You already have an advantage with decorating a beach house; the ocean is the decoration that nature has given you. But that doesn’t mean you can add a few decorations to lift the interior design. You can add so many accessories, but the tried-and-true fresh flower arrangement will never lose its allure. They are always in style and can complement any design.

Well-chosen blooms will be perfect in all the rooms in your beach house. Fresh flowers will inspire an immediate lift in any space. If you have been brainstorming on ways to decorate with them, consider using these tips.

Choose Your Vase Carefully

The type of vase you choose will determine if the flower arrangement works or not. But a combination of the ultimate vase and the right type of flowers will enhance the room’s aesthetics. You can go for beach-themed vases if you want to continue the beach design. But a simple vase with the right kind of blooms can also work. Let your house design dictate the vases you pick. Flowers are captivating as they are, but if you want them to stand out more, find the right container.

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The shape and height of the vase also matter. If you have a small space, go for a small vase that can hold lots of stems. That way, you can still create a dense and large flower arrangement without occupying too much space. You should also think about where the vase will be displayed. If the vase will greet people when they come to the house, it needs to be something spectacular. There is nothing better than an exquisite display of flowers with a complimentary vase near the house entrance. If you want a conversation starter, get something colorful and striking.

The dining table is one the best places to showcase your fresh flowers to the maximum. You can put your finest blooms in a row at the middle of the table. If you have a long dining table, utilize it with two or three pieces in a row. A round dining table will look better with a single centerpiece.

Find the best Miami beach florist and choose the best arrangements. A skilled florist will help you arrange them according to what you need or where you will be placing them. Dark vases will be more sophisticated on the dining room table. You can pack each of the vases with a generous collection of snow-white roses and maybe some lilies. But you can use different types of flowers as long as they complement the dining room design.

Use all the natural light in your beach house to your advantage. The flowers should refrain from being flat, but they should be balanced. If longevity is key for you, buy the ones that still look beautiful when they are dried. Also, ensure your vases are watertight so that water doesn’t leak to your furniture. You should stick to blooms that are in season; decorating with seasonal blooms will make your work easier due to the availability.

Let Your Wall Art Guide You

Flowers can look beautiful almost anywhere, but pair them with coordinating wall art if you want your beach house to look insanely beautiful. Chances are you have beautiful wall art pieces mounted all over the beach house. When you match your floral arrangement with the nearby artwork, they will look more exquisite. The art piece can also benefit from the flowers around it. You will find a lot of designers who use fresh floral arrangements and art to create a focal point.

Sometimes Less Is More

It’s easy to get excited with fresh flowers, which make you go over the top. Sometimes that can be a good thing, especially when you are decorating a big room. But other times, less is more; give your favorite blooms a solo space on the coffee table or bedside table. You will notice that it gives an effortless, eye-catching effect around the room. 

Bouquets are not only beautiful; they also keep the house fresh and can impact your mood positively. The ultimate tip for a beach house is you should avoid placing your arrangement under direct sunlight. It will help them last as long as possible. Find spots in your house that are cool and place your bouquets there.

But that shouldn’t limit you from placing the arrangements where you want to place them. Build your palette using the color or colors that are dominating the room. You can expose the water and the branches using a clear vase. They are equally beautiful and will make them look more stunning, especially when using a single flower.

Don’t forget to add at least one vase to your bedroom. If you are using a floral arrangement as your focal point, go all out. You can use different varieties of species to make it more colorful and visible. Make blooms your best friend at your beach house.