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Tips for Proper Maintenance of Your Rolex


Whether you’re a seasoned collector or have just purchased your first Rolex (hats off to you!), it’s critical to understand how to look after these highly tuned timepieces. While Rolexes are recognized for their longevity, they, like even the most pricey cars out there, require maintenance and care in order to function effectively over time (and retain their value).

To give your Rolex a good chance of outliving you, follow the 5 tips below.

1. Do you own an older model? Service it regularly

Rolex watches are intricate devices that require your attention and our servicing to keep them operating well. It’s highly recommended to bring your Rolex watch over for repair every two to three years after it has reached the age of ten years – the friction within timepieces wears them down over time. It may be the difference between a fast touch-up and a full Rolex overhaul with new parts if you wait five years or more after that point.

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2. Keep your Rolex ticking

Wearing your watch is always preferable to leaving it unused. Watches were designed to run, much like a car that performs better when driven. Oils might dry out and motions can tighten if it sits for too long. If there was any moisture in the system over time, rust would have developed and destroyed the essential components. If you must store your watch, make sure it is kept in a temperature and humidity-regulated environment. Hot, dry, cold, and damp conditions can all be detrimental to your watch. Another no-no is direct sunshine. A decent-quality Rolex watch winder may serve as a secure storage or display case for your watch for at least 5-8 hours every day.

3. Consider Rolex restoration warily

The choice to have a vintage Rolex repaired is a tough one that is largely influenced by the preferences of the owner. Both the bracelet and the case can be polished when you get your Rolex watch overhauled. Keep in mind that refinishing a watch can cause some of the precious metal to wear away. For authenticity, some people swear by sticking to their factory Rolex finish. It all comes down to personal choice, which is entirely up to Rolex owners.

4. Just be careful!

Although Rolex watches are built of high-quality stainless steel, gold, and platinum, and most feature scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, they are not indestructible. Even a little bump can harm the watch if it is caught at the proper angle at the appropriate moment.

5. Don’t stretch the water resistance

I know it probably doesn’t need to be stated, but water is quite damaging to the interior of watches. If water gets inside your watch, treat it like a heart attack and bring it to a watchmaker right away (if you don’t have any, place it on your wrist – your body heat will help evaporate the water and keep it away from the delicate mechanics in your watch movement). If you’re going to enter a damp environment, make sure your Rolex’s crown is securely screwed down; otherwise, your watch will offer zero protection against water.