Tiger Woods Checks Into Rehab In Jupiter To Keep Shared Custody Of His Two Kids

Tiger Woods Recent DUI Arrest (Jupiter PD)

Tiger Woods has checked into Jupiter Medical Center for a 28-day rehab program to treat “pain killer addiction,” according to published reports.

According to the Daily Mail, Woods is trying to allay ex-wife Elin Nordegren‘s concerns about his fitness to parent after last month’s 3 a.m. DUI arrest.

The once great Tiger was found totally out of it in his $220,000 Mercedes, unable to pass a sobriety test because he couldn’t stay awake.

He told officers that he’d taken a number of drugs including Xanax and Vicodin — a potentially deadly combination.

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Tiger didn’t kill himself, or anyone else, but he was charged with DUI, and the Internet has been riveted to the Jupiter PD dashcam video of Woods slurring and nearly unable to stand.

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