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This Old House: 7 Home Maintenance Projects To Take on This Summer


Warmer temperatures and long summer days make it an ideal time to get caught up on home maintenance projects. Completing basic upkeep this season allows you to enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones without the constant threat of a breakdown. 

By checking off your home systems and appliances one by one, you can keep a maintenance routine that’s less time-consuming and anxiety-inducing. Read on for seven home projects to tackle during sun-filled days. 

Overseed your lawn

Overseeding your lawn increases its resistance to pests and disease while increasing the thickness and improving the appearance of your grass. After a season of foot traffic and fun, late summer to early fall is an excellent time to scatter high-quality grass seed over bare patches to keep your yard in great shape. 

Inspect and pressure wash the exterior of your home

For a substantial portion of the country, warmer temperatures increase the threat of violent thunderstorms and other weather conditions that can take a toll on your home’s exterior. Pressure cleaning outside the house freshens the finish and can reveal small cracks or weak spots, giving you valuable time to fix the issue before facing a significant weather event.

Inspect fences

Harsh seasonal storms can have a tragic effect on loose fence panels and posts, turning these items into projectiles capable of damaging surrounding structures. Start the season off on the right foot by ensuring your gates and fences are secure. 

Clean out gutters and check the roof

This task is probably near the bottom of almost every homeowner’s list of jobs they look forward to completing. Still, clogged gutters or a damaged roof will often result in water damage to the exterior and interior of the house. 

Test smoke detectors

Most smoke detector manufacturers recommend changing the batteries and testing the device at least twice a year. Tending to smoke detector maintenance at the beginning of the year and the midpoint of the year helps many people stay on track. 

Smoke alarms are often overlooked safety devices in many homes. More than 2,000 Americans die due to residential fires each year, and ⅔ of these homes have no working smoke detectors. Testing your smoke alarm and adding fresh batteries usually takes less than ten minutes, and it could be the difference between life and death. 

Freshen up your flower beds

Remove any remains from last year’s annual flowers and sneaky weeds that may have popped up during the cooler months before adding a fresh burst of color to your landscape. Be sure to add new mulch to revitalize the area and help your new plants retain moisture. 

Managing summertime pest

Proper lawn maintenance and eliminating any standing water in the yard will substantially reduce interactions with warm weather pests on your property. While removing potential breeding and feeding habitats is effective for small-scale insect issues, a significant infestation may require a professional.


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