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Things You Can Do to Secure Your Business


There are many ways to make a business more secure. Some are basic like fitting locks to external doors and others are more up there like hiring ex-Navy Seals to patrol your perimeter and installing snipers on the roof. Probably a bit overkill for most businesses, but if you are worried about a terrorist attack, then perhaps not!

If security is on your to-do list, read on for some tips on protecting your business from online and real-world threats.

Online Security

Online threats are more pervasive than ever. 1,862 US businesses were hacked in 2021, which impacted more than 298 million people due to data loss. Data breaches have increased year on year since 2005, and these stats are unlikely to get better any time soon.

The best way to keep your business secure online is to educate employees. Make sure everyone from the filing clerk to the CEO understands the importance of online security. Give people the tools to keep their data safe, such as antivirus software, and educate them on the importance of using secure passwords and not downloading files from dubious sources.

Smaller businesses can benefit from outsourcing IT to a third party, with the skills to keep websites safe from hackers. If your business handles sensitive data, such as customer payment information, you can’t afford to cut costs in this area. Outsourcing means you have access to experts 24/7 and if the worst does happen and there is an online security breach, help is at hand.

Offline Security

Securing your business premises is just as important as protecting your online assets. It might even be more important depending on what type of business you operate.

Any physical business premises you own or rent need to be secure, to protect both employees and company assets, such as equipment and tools.

External doors and windows should be fitted with secure locks for when the premises are closed. It may also be necessary to increase security if there is any likelihood of intruders breaking in during normal working hours.

For example, if you own a high-end jewelry store and you want to protect it from armed robberies, it might be necessary to fit heavy-duty security doors, window grilles, a secure entry system, and an armed security guard on the premises at all times. If you do need to arm your staff, have plenty of ammunition available – buying them in bulk can save money.

Make sure fencing around your business is secure and if there are gates, consider whether a guard hut is necessary, so traffic in and out can be monitored at all times. Security lighting is essential. Most intruders don’t want to be seen when they are up to no good, so it helps to have bright lights illuminating all dark corners and possible points of entry.

Fit an alarm system that comes with cameras, so you can monitor the premises outside of hours. Modern security systems are very sophisticated and camera footage is uploaded to the cloud in real-time. This makes it easy to keep an eye on a business and if something does happen, there is security footage available to assist in finding the perpetrators.

Work with a Security Consultant

If security is a high priority, speak with a professional to see if they can spot any holes in your current security. You may need your alarm system upgraded, or perhaps your door locks are weak. The more care you take with security, the less likely you are to have any issues. It could also reduce your insurance costs.