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The Ultimate Round-Up of Best Breads for Your Diet

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People often get the impression that eating bread would lead to weight gain. They do have a point because many types of bread can add unwanted extra pounds. The good news is that not all these sumptuous breakfast staples are fattening. One can still enjoy his favorite sandwiches without worry, and this will depend upon the bread bought. Refined, white-flour bread should be avoided by weight watchers as these are linked to gaining weight. Instead, buy the whole grain variety because these will help lose those extra pounds.

Marketing techniques can be deceiving and might make you believe that “something” unhealthy can be otherwise. Consider these foolproof guides that will make one a good shopper for bread that is made for the weight conscious:

  • Take notice of the package’s front. It should say 100% “whole wheat” or “whole grain.”
  • Each slice should at least have 3 grams of fiber.
  • Each slice should contain only 3 grams of sugar or less.
  • Scan through the ingredient list. Avoid bread with high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated oils.

For those who want to lose weight, as well as the already health conscious ones, don’t include foods with high-glycemic indexes. The sugars in such foods are easily broken down during digestion and are absorbed as fast into the bloodstream. This will spike the blood sugar levels thus increasing the risks of diabetes and obesity.

There is an awareness now of health foods. Whole-grain bread is in. Studies have indicated that those who consumed whole wheat bread have better odds against premature death, lower risks of death due to heart diseases, and lower risks of dying from cancer.

Be sure to purchase 100% whole grain or whole wheat bread as they’re considered the best. Other types can have their benefits. Having this in mind should make the trip to the friendly grocer faster and easier. Here are some of the best types of bread to choose for people on a diet:

Whole Grain Bread

Be sure to buy bread which contains the words “whole wheat,” “whole grains” or “whole oats.” These foods would contain many nutrients, fibers, and other healthy compounds from plants which are found in grains. Don’t be confused with terminologies: whole grains mean that it contains one of the varied types of healthy grains while the term whole wheat will refer to one specific grain being used.

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