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The Team Building Benefits of Running Relay Races

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A relay race is where the members of the team complete parts of the racecourse by performing a certain action. Relay races can be referred to as the ultimate sport of teamwork and coordination.

In the Olympic Games, the relay race is enlisted under the track and field event under the athletics program. The concept of race originated in ancient Greece in the form of passing along message sticks.

The race consists of four athletes who run predetermined distances in a sprint race, along with passing a rod-like object called the baton.

What Is Team Building?

Team building refers to the management technique for improving the efficiency and performance of a particular workgroup that participates in various activities. The whole set of team works together to achieve a common vision and objective of an organization. The management authority of the team should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the participatory team members.

The manager must carry on the communication between the team members. It is important that the team member has swift communication skills in order to improve workforce efficiency.

Benefits Of Team Building

Team building is a step-by-step process that aims to initiate changes in an organization. If you are a manager of the team, you should be able to analyze the requirements of a team. You should look into the various aspects of the interactions among a team, including their roles and responsibilities. There are several benefits to team building as follows.

Build Trust

Team building activities play a huge role in increasing employee trust. Building a team will give the members a free space to get to know each other. They will be able to complete any task without hesitation.

In order to build a relay race team, you will need four team members. Team members should be able to communicate with each other adequately. The swift communicative methods will help them to build trust.

According to a Harvard study, team members have efficiently performed better when there is a sense of trust. You, as a manager, should know how your team members can increase functionality.

Improve Physical Health

According to studies, physical health is associated with the positive aspect of teamwork. When a person is working alone, they can feel worn out because of the excessive stress. No organization can work properly if its employees are sick or physically unprepared to work. However, if you are working under a team, you will be able to transfer your work to another person when you are unable to work.

This will maintain the workflow within the company. It is important that all members in a relay race focus on developing their physical health.

Improve Mental Health

According to a study, almost 41% of employees feel burned out or stressed. You need to focus on conditions regarding your mental health if you want to increase performance.

A team that maintains good communication between its employees will be able to keep a good mental health record. If the participatory members of a relay race suffer from poor mental health conditions, then chances are they might lose the race.

You need to create an open, inclusive and supportive workspace environment. So that team members won’t have any difference of opinion about another member. You can include wellness programs and a creative ecosystem to let people be free in a workspace.

Increase Confidence Level

If the environment associated with the team members is comfortable and non-threatening, then they are bound to develop a level of confidence. Boosting the confidence of the team members will eventually lead to achieving success in the long run. You can develop fun activities in order to break up the monotony of the work. Let your team work as a whole system which will definitely increase productivity.

Team Building Activities

You can include several team-building activities which will increase the productivity and efficiency of your team. You can let your relay race team members run alongside each other so that they develop a strong team dynamic.

More team-building activities such as community services, happy hours,  board games, and more will keep your teammates engaged. It will develop a sense of interaction between each team-mate and help in productivity.

So, What’s Your Suggestion?

You can attain a multitude of benefits from team development. If you are managing a relay race, you would know how important it is to maintain a line of communication between the members. Team building is an important aspect of the relay race. While a relay race can be tiresome, if you have a great team, then you can definitely win.


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