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The Success Story of Personal Injury Lawyer Jeremy Diamond

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Over the years, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers has made leaps and bounds in the law industry. With Jeremy Diamond at the helm, the company grew to become a well-known law firm in Canada. Diamond served to be a champion for personal injury victims in the country. To know more about his law firm’s success, read his story below.

History of Diamond & Diamond

Jeremy Diamond

Jeremy Diamond has been leading Diamond & Diamond Lawyers since 2012. He is the nephew of David Diamond, who established the firm 30 years ago. This helped Jeremy Diamond see first-hand how the firm supported personal injury victims.

When he took the helm, Diamond expanded the company’s services across the country and, as of recently, FloridaFrom then on, the firm has helped people with their personal injury claims and other legal concerns. Through the years, the company has extended its scope to accommodate more clients.

Diamond’s passion for helping out other people pushed him to expand the firm’s legal services. He worked to include wills and estates, civil litigation, class actions, and immigration.

“Building a law empire doesn’t occur by accident, and it doesn’t happen without strong leadership,” Diamond said. This sentiment is obvious in the processes of Diamond’s law firm. Diamond’s clear vision made Diamond and Diamond Law the firm that it is today. Now, Diamond, his wife, and his brother-in-law are leading the firm. It’s evident that they make a good team in leading a team of lawyers to new heights of success. 

Diamond’s Innovative Marketing Strategies

To rise above the competition, Diamond adopted innovative marketing strategies. He knew that they had to be bold if they wanted to grow within the competitive personal injury space.

“I wanted our brand to go beyond the status quo, so we took advantage of multiple marketing techniques and communicated directly to our target market,” Diamond stated

Diamond began with something small. He started to advertise through a single radio station, Z103.5 in Toronto. Although the ad was not too grand, it helped start the firm’s marketing campaign. 

After advertising on the radio, Diamond promoted the firm through television commercials. A few years after that, he shifted his focus to the digital space. Diamond focused on Adwords and SEO to reach a new audience by attracting high-value web traffic. 

Diamond also backed his good marketing strategy with a better legal service. He believed that people want a law firm that speaks to clients, not above them. Diamond & Diamond Lawyers prides itself on being an approachable law firm. The firm aims to make clients feel like a part of the Diamond & Diamond family.

Popular Cases

Diamond and his wife Sarah called for mandatory helmet laws for skateboarders. This was after a teenager in Brantford died from a skateboarding injury in 2014. The same year, the law firm filed a $20.5 million lawsuit against York University. The lawsuit was on behalf of eight victims of a shooting at the university.

In 2019, the firm filed a $500 million lawsuit against the makers of the herbicide Roundup. They alleged that the product contained glyphosate that may cause various health risks.

The same year, Diamond also took up a $350 million lawsuit against Capital One. The firm filed a lawsuit after a massive data breach that leaked sensitive data. These high-profile cases contributed to the success of Diamond & Diamond Law. 

Diamond & Diamond Expansion

Diamond’s firm expanded over the years. The growth supported the firm’s ability to handle high-profile cases.  In 2017, the firm expanded into a full-service law enterprise. The firm’s choice to branch out to other areas of law was a total game-changer in Canada’s legal industry. The firm decided on the expansion after clients began to inquire about other areas of law. 

Diamond also managed to expand his personal injury law team. He grew the firm from having five people in one office to a team of more than 200 lawyers across the country. The law firm has expanded beyond Toronto. Now, the firm has 17 offices across several cities and communities in Canada. 

In June 2021, the firm announced a new office in Miami, Florida. While the firm offers a range of legal services in Canada, it focuses on personal injury law in Florida.

Putting Personal Injury Victims First

Other law firms might step on the brakes after such rapid success. But, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers show no signs of slowing down. During the COVID-19 pandemic,

Diamond organized several class-action lawsuits against nursing homes. The law firm believed that the care facilities failed to protect their residents from the virus.  The $100 million lawsuit is the biggest COVID-19 related class-action in Canada.


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