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The Main Steps On How To Get Your Florida Real Estate License


If you’re considering going into the realtor world to buy and sell houses, you might be curious about how to get your certification so you can start working professionally.

Make sure you are over 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or an equivalent – after this, you can take the entire course online and the state exam from the comfort of your own home!

Also, keep in mind that the regulations and the rules vary depending on the state you are living in and the state you work in.

For example, you can currently be living in Pennsylvania but you want to work in Delaware – this means that you need to take the Delaware course so you can be approved to sell and buy houses in this state! Let’s see a few steps of how to get accredited in one of the most popular and highly-visited southern states in the United States.

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How to get your Florida real estate license

If you are considering working and moving to Florida to begin working in the real estate world, you might be wondering – how can I get my Florida real estate license? There are a few steps to keep in mind before you can start working in the real estate world.

Complete 63 hours of online or classroom approved pre-licensing education

The first step of learning who to get your Florida real estate license is to take an online or in-person course for your pre-licensing information. To get the prelicensing education, you used to make sure that you sign up for the approved course that is 63 hours long – the good thing about this is you don’t have to take any more hours. If you sign up for a state-approved course, you know that it is credible, reputable, and trustworthy – once the 63 hours are done, so are you!

Criminal background check

The second step of getting your Florida real estate license is to complete a background check. This typically involves giving your fingerprints and submitting a background check form to the FBI or your local police agency so they can figure out if you have any prior convictions or any outstanding convictions in the legal world. If so, this can derail your quest to obtain your Florida real estate license.

Submit application

The third step of getting your Florida real estate license is to submit your application. This step of the process is easy, although it will cost some money – be prepared to set aside a few hundred dollars for the application process.

Take and pass the final exam!

The last test – which is arguably the most important and the most nerve-wracking – is to schedule, take and pass the final real estate exam! Make sure that you only schedule the exam for when you’re ready so you don’t feel unprepared or rushed during the studying process. Once you’re confident, take the exam and pass it with flying colors!

If you’re trying to get your Florida real estate license, there are certain steps that you should follow to make sure that you are well-qualified, educated, and ready to take the final exam.