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The iGaming Industry is Exploding

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When online casinos and poker rooms first started popping up around the late ’90s and early ’00s, few could have predicted such a rapid rate of growth in such a short space of time.

It hasn’t taken long for this formerly niche area of online gaming to snowball into an industry worth billions of dollars. In fact, the latest forecast from Statista predicts that the total value of the iGaming market, which encompasses casinos, bingo, poker and other real-money games played online, will hit $94 billion within the next five years. That’s an indication of the serious levels of demand, supply and investment in one of the fastest evolving sectors of the entire gaming industry.

New and established vendors and websites alike are constantly jostling for position in a very competitive marketplace. This means that every brand must try to innovate and improve their services in whatever way they can. Here are just a handful of the key areas in which iGaming operators are now choosing to invest in new services, technologies and methods of user engagement.

Bonuses and promotions

Thanks to advances in mobile technology and internet connectivity, it’s never been easier to sign up to an online casino. For iGaming hosts, attracting the eye of new players is essential. That means providing enticing welcome offers and free bonuses so that a person decides to spend their money with their brand rather than look elsewhere.

Sites like Online Casinos Canada are even dedicated to collating and comparing the best offers out there across a range of different brands. If you’re looking for a Canadian online casino with free spins, it’s worth checking their reviews to see what promotions are available.

These promotions take many forms. Whether it’s a free bet, matched deposit bonus or money-back guarantee, there’s no end to creative promotions offered by online casinos today.

Live streaming

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There’s no doubt that video technology has come on leaps and bound over the past five years or so. In turn, that has allowed online casinos to offer a much more immersive gaming environment.

Most casinos now offer HD streaming, in the style of Facebook Live and Twitch. In the case of casinos, it’s interactive streaming to real-life tables staffed by dealers and croupiers. This gives players a chance to enjoy the thrill of the casino floor from the comfort of their own home or wherever they happen to be playing from. Many casinos even offer a live chat function, so players can chat away with dealers while they play their favorite table game.

Payment methods

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The days of only being able to make deposits and withdrawals with a credit card are long gone. Now, players have a wide array of payment options to choose from. Being able to offer players the choice between credit card, bank transfer, Paypal and e-wallets brings a serious competitive advantage.

Some casinos are already investing in payment methods of the future, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. These providers are doing their best to carve out a bigger and bigger niche for themselves in the market.

Whatever you do, it always pays to do plenty of research before you decide to sign up with a particular online casino brand. Make sure to check their ratings, reviews, functionalities and range of games before you even think about depositing any funds. It will save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run!