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The Future of Electric Scooters in 2020

The growing acclaim of electric scooters has shaken up the world of mobility solutions in a way we couldn’t quite have envisaged. With more and more engineers devoted to curating high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles there are finally enough options to cater for the many variations in lifestyle and requirement.

Fluidfreeride, a Miami based company’s innovative designs have developed some of the best electric scooters in the field, committed to making electro-mobility the future while maintaining the riding satisfaction that users have come to expect. 

There are robust off-roaders with incredible acceleration and range for the outdoorsy weekend rider, there are nippy little super lightweight models with built in USB chargers for the inner city commuters.

You can get wide tire e-scooters for a little more stability on rough terrain and high visibility ones for safe riding after daylight. Adjustable height, brakes and even aesthetics are all available for selection.

Renting e-scooters gives you a period of time to experience the many ways in which it could enhance your life. Be aware though, that the rental models are most often not as advanced as those that are available on the market.

It is undeniable that electric scooters are here to stay, offering environmentally friendly travel options, revolutionizing daily commuting and even hitting the spot for our fellow adrenaline junkies for an off road thrill.

Most use high efficiency lithium-ion batteries and offer varying degrees of range on a single charge with visibility and safety features considered as standard – who knew ABS technology wouldn’t just be for cars!

There are super lightweight foldables for carrying on and off public transport and clever mechanisms to minimize storage. Electric scooters have evolved rapidly and thrown a whole host of game changing options our way. This is shown in recent estimates predicting the electric scooter market to be worth a whopping 42 billion by 2030.

Studies from the US Department of Transportation reveal that more that 20% of local trips made daily to be less than one mile and 75% under 10 miles.

The potential for the impact e-scooters can make on the majority of these smaller trips for the eco-conscious traveler is huge. Calculating electricity cost per mile (less than half a cent) means riding an electric scooter will cost a twentieth of the cost of using a gas fueled car.

Even with the environmental factors considered, Fluidfreeride prides themselves on the fact that the fun and freedom that comes with riding an electric scooter is actually still the main motivation for consumers to buy.

It’s always good to see those that are capable of using their platform for the greater good are doing so and with great effect. Fuidfreeride launched a campaign this November (2019) that saw them partnering with Trees for the Future.

They pledged to donate a percentage of their sales to plant 100 trees (through the Forest Garden Program) for each electric scooter sale. The aim being that planting specific varieties of quick-growing trees, hardwoods, fruit and food crops in an organised way over a 4 year period, they can dramatically change families lives forever.