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The Difference Between Private Label CBD and White Label CBD


Everyone wants to get into the CBD game these days—from existing businesses that want to introduce CBD into their product line to true CBD start-ups—getting up and running fast is of the utmost importance. Speed is just one reason why many choose to use private label and white label CBD services to enter the market.

While many think (incorrectly) that private label and white CBD services are largely the same things, this isn’t technically true. White label services traditionally allow for full customization in terms of branding, whereas a private label is made for one company or brand on a proprietary basis. 

Of course, this is a basic explanation that lacks a lot of nuances that the subject requires, especially when it comes to the CBD space. Below we will look at some of the key differences and questions that many have about CBD, as well as look at some of the best providers of white label and private label cannabidiols.

Private Label CBD and White Label CBD: Commonalities and Differences

As noted previously, while many may think that white label and private label services are synonymous, they aren’t. When it comes to the CBD space, however, there are several key features that they share, along with a few aspects that set them apart from one another.

What White Label and Private Label CBD Have in Common

White Label CBD and Private Label CBD have the following features in common:

  • Get Product from Suppliers: In both cases, businesses will get products to sell from suppliers. Some degree of control is normally exercised by the client, which differentiates these practices from wholesaling.  This is a common practice in many industries, not just the CBD space.
  • Start Business Faster: Instead of spending time and money developing a viable product and brand yourself—which could take years! —save on both and get your CBD business to market faster than your competitors.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes, but at least you can avoid repeating those of others. Going with a white label or private label service will insure companies against potential pitfalls that could crop up during one’s own attempts at manufacturing. 
Differences Between White Label and Private Label CBD

Some of the differences between private label and white label CBD include:

White Label: 

Quick and Easy: Reduce the time to market by using white label services, some providers will even offer express services for an additional fee. Many use 

Less Control: When compared to private label options, white label users will typically lack complete control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. However, there is still a larger amount of control over aspects of branding and labeling.

More Economical: Often cheaper than further customization, and much less expensive than standing up a production of your own, white label options will save users time and money while insulating against unnecessary risk.

Private Label:

Greater Control: As compared to white label options, private label options will offer clients products with a greater degree of customization. 

Premium Options: Private labels often give brands a greater degree of control in aspects such as formulation, branding, and other aspects of production. 

More Risk: As the costs associated with private labels are higher, the corresponding risks are likewise high.

The Best CBD Private and White Labels to Partner With

By now we hope that the benefits of finding a quality CBD partner for your CBD white label and CBD private label needs are clear. However, not all companies that provide these services are created equal. To aid you in your search, we have listed a couple of our favorites below.

Joy Organics – Private Label & White Label Provider

One of the best (and largest) providers of private label and white label services in the CBD space today has to be Joy Organics. The company has grown to partner with thousands of CBD providers in just a few short years. This is in part due to the quality all-organic formulas that the brand is known for producing. Including hemp oil that is derived from organically grown US-based sources.

Based in Fort Collins, CO., Joy Organics has experience working with entrepreneurs worldwide, and their private label services are some of the most reasonable around—with some of the lowest initial order minimums and steep discounts for reorders. Leveraging Joy Organics’ experience as an industry leader is just one benefit that many clients who use their private and white labels services enjoy.

What you’ll like about them: Joy Organics already offers wholesale services to a variety of markets worldwide, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, and Australia to name just a few. And the existing formulations used for these markets can be an asset to many dealing with strict compliance requirements.

Something to consider: Besides offering a wealth of educational material available online 24/7, Joy Organics also offers personalized support to each of their clients.

Kazmira LLC – Private Label Provider

Kazmira offers a wide variety of private label options that can include differentiated formulations and fully customizable branding options. Kazmira already works with some of the largest names in CBD to help fulfill orders and as a provider of wholesale services. Now they offer a variety of THC-free CBD products that are completely customizable for use as a part of their private label operations.

What you’ll like about them: Kazmira can formulate their products with several distinct market regulations in mind, which allows them to offer their services to customers all over the world.

Something to consider: In addition to supporting their client’s making branding and marketing decisions, Kazmira also ensures that all manufacturing meets international standards and rigorous QA practices.

We’re Always Here to Help!

In conclusion, while many may think that private label and white label are interchangeable terms, we hope that you now feel you can confidently correct anyone who has this illusion. And while both services are great ways to quickly enter the CBD market, they each offer differing levels of control over certain aspects of branding and production.

Still have questions about white label or private label services? Looking to get a head start on a CBD business of your own? Please, don’t hesitate to reach out. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading, thank you!