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The Brand That’s Taking Over TikTok: ShakeyFam

As the TikTok platform grows more and more popular among almost all demographics, more and more opportunities are arising for businesses and influencers alike to market products and monetize the viral video site. One massive example is the popular brand ShakeyFam, which has been growing rapidly on the platform thanks to the viral influencer that backs the project. ShakeyFam has just officially released its line of products officially over at Shakeyfam.com.

Starting off selling jewelry and t-shirts related to ShakeyFam, the brand saw significant success within the first 30 days, grossing 125k in sales. Ever since the ShakeyFam brand has been prepping up for the release of a much more extensive merchandise line. In addition to a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more clothing items, the line will also feature branded LEDs and slippers called ShakeyShoes. The brand is also stepping into the realm of electronics, with the highlight of the new drop being the ShakeyFam-branded wireless headphones called ShakeyPods. These cost-effective headphones are targeted towards younger kids who do not necessarily have the funds for name-brand earbuds that cost around $150.

As TikTok has exploded as a social media platform over the last few years, ShakeyFam has been growing since the beginning. Taking advantage of clever marketing and business tactics, the ShakeyFam brand is looking to expand out and cover every corner of the viral TikTok market. Learn more about ShakeyFam’s official drop over at Shakeyfam.com.



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