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The Best Monday Night Football Traditions


Monday Night Football has been a staple of the National Football League viewing schedule for over 50 years. Over time the meaning of the game has changed. In the beginning, it was a national showcase for teams at a time when many fans around the country could not watch their own teams on a regular basis. Now of course, everyone can stream all of their team’s games, plus any other team’s as well. However, while much has changed, it is still a fun Monday night event during the season that fans get excited for, and helps to extend the weekend, even if you have to work on Monday. Here are some of the top viewing traditions that football fans around the country enjoy while watching the game. 


Football is a great game on its own, but it’s even better with friends and family to cheer along with you. Fans have been getting together every Monday night from the very beginning. For some, it might be meeting up after a tough Monday at a favorite sports bar. For others, it could be rotating homes among friends. Whatever the gathering ritual is, fans come together to cheer for their favorite teams, or if their favorite team isn’t playing, at least the teams they have money on. 

Game Predictions

One of the great things about football is that there is so much that can happen on any given play. You might see a deep pass, a run up the middle, a pump fake, or any number of exciting things that make the game exciting. Making Monday Night Football predictions is a long-time tradition. Sometimes it’s formal, and sometimes it’s more in the spur of the moment. For sure, you can make a prediction on the outcome of the game. But also people like to predict what will happen on the next play, or what will happen during the course of the game. If you predict that Myles Gaskin will score in the 2nd quarter, and he finds paydirt, then you are the winner. Game predictions add a little more spice to a game, even if it is uncompetitive. 


Football and food go hand in hand. There are seemingly hundreds of food items that are traditionally eaten while watching the game. Snack foods, such as fully loaded nachos are of course extremely popular. Many fans go for wings or pizza. Some people like to enjoy a pot of chili at home, especially during the cold months of the year. Along with food has to be great drinks. Whether at the local watering hole or in the den at home, fans drink their favorite cold beverage throughout the game, even if they have to work the next day. 


Perhaps just as much as food, gambling is a Monday night tradition that is synonymous with football. You can bet the spread, the winner, and prop bets. You can crunch the numbers and bet big, or play your hunches and have friendly wagers with friends. Gambling, just like predictions, can make even the most boring game more exciting. Plus, if you get lucky, you can make yourself some money. 

Monday Night Miracles

Fantasy football has never been more popular. Since most players use a head-to-head format where they play against someone else every week, Monday is often a critical night. It is either the culmination of a tough battle, or a player is left needing one or more of their drafted players to have huge games to catch up. The Monday night miracle doesn’t often happen, but every week, players cross their fingers and watch with as much tension as if they were on the field themselves. When it comes to fantasy football, whether it’s for money or bragging rights, Monday nights can be incredibly stressful and incredibly exciting. 

For most people, Monday is the dreaded day of the week. It’s when you are the longest away from the weekend, and you may even be still recovering from the previous one. However, if you are a football fan, Mondays, at least during the season, are something to look forward to. The Monday Night Football game is often the biggest game of the week, and it’s a way to keep that weekend feeling going right into the work week. Keeping up with traditions and rituals makes every game more fun and exciting.