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The Best Door and Window Sensors You Need to Know

You must always be conscious when any of your home’s entry points are opened. And door and window sensors do just that with blaring and clear alarms.

Door and window alarms constitute the backbone or foundation of any home security system. Many security systems arrive with a definite number of sensors. But if you wish to add more, you’ll need to pay for an additional fee.


ADT’s sensors include many different installation options to multiple window frames and doors. These devices can connect or link to other home automation equipment and security monitoring gadgets to build a smart security system.

What’s more, ADT offers extra protection by sending automated smartphone alerts when shady activity is perceived or detected. Key features include 24/7 professional monitoring, ADT Pulse® mobile app, and automated mobile notifications. Do visit more review sites like Security Baron to expand your knowledge about this product.

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The security company is best-known for making excellent safety and security products such as pepper spray and door sensors. For sure, you will love these alarms since they are straightforward for renters and homeowners to set up.

Plus, it comes with an affordable, reasonable price tag. What makes this option stand out is the four-digit code. This code will prohibit and deter intruders and burglars from disabling your alarms.

The key features of this product include the 120-decibel siren and the three settings (chime, silent, alarm) that you can set to the sensors.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

Samsung is indeed massive and epic in the technology world, manufacturing smartphones, smart home products, and these multipurpose sensors. This versatile alarm is one of the coolest and smallest devices that perceive motion and vibrations around cabinets, windows, and doors to notify you if an intruder is trying to break into your home.

What makes this product stand out is that it can detect temperature. As such, you will know if there is a fire in your home or a window has been left open. Additionally, the accompanying mobile application sends alerts if you forget to close entry points or detects a break-in.

Plus, the product is compatible with all the other Samsung accessories. Thus, providing you the chance to add more features to your home. Also, the sensors can communicate with your other devices through the wireless network of your home. It has a long battery life too that can last for at least 730 days.


The security company was established in 1999. And since then, Vivint has built a name for itself with advances and innovations in home automation technology. Besides buying Vivint’s smart locks, motion-sensing cameras, and more, you can ramp up your property’s safety by adding its door/window sensors.

This product uses magnetized locks to help you detect if an intruder or burglar is attempting to break into your house. Also, these sensors communicate with your main panel wirelessly. The chief differentiator of this product is that it recess into your window frames and doors for permanent, discreet security.


Over the years, Frontpoint is among the most experienced and advanced security companies in the industry. Whatever the size of your chosen security package, you can find amazing products to keep your family and your home safe, including window/door sensors that communicated with Frontpoint’s security hub and mobile application wirelessly.

What makes Frontpoint stand out is that it can store at least 39 sensors in the application. Therefore, you can know if an alert is stemming from the basement door or an upstairs window.

This product is very versatile as it can be used not only in your home’s entry points. Plus, they are small, making them less apparent around your house.

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This security company has many fantastic reviews online. That said, when you choose to buy one of its systems, you can genuinely depend and rely on all of its products, which includes the window/door sensors.

You will get lots of variety, as well. You can select from devices that perceive tilting motion, standard alarms, or recessed ones. The best thing about this is that the designs of the sensors are compact. Thus, they can blend in with your entry points and won’t stand out to criminals.


Window and door sensors notify you right away when burglars try to break into your home through open windows or a child climbs into a cabinet. Whether you choose to build your own security system or buy one, think of adding more products such as smart locks, smart doorbells, and more to secure your home. All these devices will bring you peace of mind and keep the criminals out.

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