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The Benefits of a Master of Management Degree From University of Phoenix


A Master of Management degree can be a great way to prepare for a career in a broad spectrum of business sectors. In fact, you don’t need a background in business to be able to enhance your professional journey with this degree program. Many professionals find that this path compliments their existing work experience and provides an opportunity for growth.

Like other master’s degrees focused on business management, a Master of Management lays the groundwork with skills that can be applied across industries in operational roles. If you excel at planning and strategizing or have a managerial mindset, a Master of Management degree program could be right for you.

Understanding the Nuance of a Master of Management Degree

A master of Management degree program should cover a wide breadth of topics to prepare students to perform in administrative and leadership roles in a professional capacity. “Today, managers are the lifeblood of an organization,” says Dr. Kevin Wilhelmsen, dean of the College of Business and Information Technology at University of Phoenix. “Aside from the traditional elements of management, they also provide motivation and inspiration to a workforce that needs guidance and organizational support.”

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University of Phoenix offers a Master of Management degree program to foster the comprehensive knowledge and solid skill base that tomorrow’s managers will need to succeed. Coursework covers subjects from general business operations to topics in laws, regulations, planning, research and analytics. The program also stresses the supreme importance of ethical considerations and beneficial community partnerships.

The Employment Power of a Master of Management Degree

Wilhelmsen explains that the University of Phoenix Master of Management degree program “provides in-demand skills for future leaders and managers to demonstrate as they improve organizational efficiencies and performance.” This places graduates in a unique position to capitalize on the ongoing expansion of employment opportunities in the management field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), management employment is projected to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029. This translates into over a half-million jobs, “Employment growth is expected to be driven by the formation of new organizations and expansion of existing ones,” writes the BLS, “which should require more workers to manage these operations.”

Median incomes are reported by the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics and are not specific to University of Phoenix graduates. Further, these national averages may include earners at all stages of their career and may not accurately reflect entry-level wages or variations by region. Your earning outcome may vary. University of Phoenix does not guarantee salary level.

Career Outcomes for a Master of Management Degree

Designed for extreme versatility and resourcefulness, the Master of Management degree program at University of Phoenix supports professional outcomes that align with general and operational management.

Students are prepared for management roles that include developing targeted company policies and leading overall strategic direction. The University notes that these managers “plan, direct or coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of subordinate executives and staff managers.”

Working within the parameters of a company board of directors or a comparable governing entity, graduates with a Master of Management degree can oversee a range of activities as business managers, general managers, operations managers or store managers. Although these positions command different levels of income, the average management salary will support a comfortable lifestyle by virtually any standard.

In May of 2020, the BLS placed the median annual wage for management occupations at $109,760. This figure was higher than the annual wage for any other major occupational group.

Because choosing a specific area of management specialization can be intimidating, career counseling is a good idea. The University of Phoenix not only advises students on various career paths but gives graduates lifetime access to its outstanding team of career counselors.

The Master of Management Program at University of Phoenix

Above and beyond its academic quality and career focus, University of Phoenix is built for student convenience. Its online platform gives even full-time workers and other extremely busy people the opportunity to earn a degree on their own schedules. Thanks to uniquely staggered courses, students can start working toward the next stage in their management career whenever they are read, instead of trying to time availability with enrollment cycles.

Both in-depth and multifaceted, the Master of Management program encompasses five core skill sets: management, leadership, strategic planning, operations and communications. In addition to general and operational managers, aspiring entrepreneurs can also benefit immensely from the program.

To earn a Master of Management degree, University of Phoenix students must achieve a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA while completing 11 courses. Each course lasts six weeks and contributes three credit hours to the 33 credits needed to graduate. The University’s Master of Management degree program can be completed entirely online in as few as 18 months for $698 per credit.

According to a 2020 survey of Master of Management program alumni at University of Phoenix, nearly nine out of ten graduates contend that their degree “helped to develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in my job.” The survey also determined that more than 86 percent of alumni “would recommend the Master of Management program they completed at University of Phoenix to others.”

About University of Phoenix

Established in 1976, the University of Phoenix is one of the pioneers in the field of higher education. The University was among the first of its kind to design educational opportunities specifically for working adults and others with considerable scheduling challenges. University of Phoenix was also among the very first to embrace online learning as a viable post-secondary education option. For more information about the University’s online Master of Management degree program, visit the University of Phoenix website.