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The Belmont Stakes: No Wins, No Entry Race

As horse racing bettors, you understand that the Belmont Stakes are the toughest race to enter for the entire championship series of The Triple Crown. Not any horse can enter as it needs the necessary requirement for them to pass this hard test.

Belmont, named as The Test of the Champions, is the oldest of the three races, which is now on its 151st run. It is a mile-and-a-half dirt track race for the 3-year-old thoroughbreds.

The guaranteed purse for Belmont Stakes tops out at $1,500,000 where the winner collects a bulk of his $800,000 first place prize.

It has a safety limit of 12 entries where each should have won the first two legs; Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. Theses horses qualify base on their career earnings and winnings to date offered in “classic races”.

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Since it needs a tight entry pass to qualify for this Run for the Carnations, owners are expected to “PONY UP” . Qualifiers will need to pay $15,000, plus another $15,000, for the final starters. If they are aggressive enough to want nominations, they have to pay up  $75,000 or if they feel they have a real contender, throw in $800,000.

There is more to know about this which can be checked here: https://www.tvg.com/promos/belmont-stakes/belmont-stakes-how-horses-qualify.html .

Elsa Lorieul Photo via Belmont Stakes 2018

As of this month, the colt with the most number of purse earned is Good Magic earning 1.2 Million dollars in twenty-four venues. Good Magic impressed his fans way so much that he is a crowd favorite for the Triple Crown chase. Everyone would love to see him finish the leg a lot faster and greater than how Justify did.

The win made Justify the 13th American Triple Crown winner and just the second horse to accomplish the feat while still undefeated, joining 1977 winner Seattle Slew.

Justify’s win last year adds up to the thrill for all racers and bet players as it is a potential trap for them for centuries now. With the odds being a little higher than usually seen with the winners from the two legs, the racehorses competing in Belmont can be narrowed down to be trained by the biggest handlers in the business which makes it not hard to find for handicappers.

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