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The Amazing Benefits of a Smart Pill Dispenser

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Every year 125,000 lives are lost in the United States alone due to non-adherence to prescriptions. Some patients forget to take their medication, especially if it requires more than one dose per day. Other patients, especially senior citizens, have to take several pills a day. They find the process frustrating and time-consuming.

That’s where the smart pill dispenser comes in.

The advancement of technology has enhanced the quality of life in many ways. The smart pill dispenser is no exception. Better yet, it has played a big role in saving lives by ensuring that patients with chronic illnesses take their meds properly.

This device is connected to the internet and your mobile phone through a wireless network. You can set the time interval for your doses and get notified in various ways when it’s time for the next dose. Caregivers are also alerted through SMS and email when a patient misses a dose.

This device ensures that patients take the right medication, in the right quantity and at the right time. It gives the patient control over their prescriptions. The caregivers have peace of mind knowing that there’s no overdose or underdose.

Benefits of a Smart Pill Dispenser

1.      Prevents Medication Errors

This device helps users to manage their prescriptions well. Patients that have a lot of medication to take can easily switch pills by mistake. They may also miss doses. Before going into the dispenser, the pills are presorted and preprogrammed. That way there’s no chance for missed doses and taking the wrong medication.

2.      Dose Reminder

Taking several doses of pills a day can be overwhelming. It’s easy for anyone to forget exactly when the next dose is due. When it’s time for your dose, the dispenser will remind you by beeping and flashing light. If you haven’t taken the pills out of the chamber within a couple of minutes, all caregivers will receive an alert by SMS and/or email.

3.      Safety

Most dispensers are secured with a password and lock. Pills cannot easily be stolen are removed. They are designed with tough material and cannot be damaged easily. This is especially important if there are children who could swallow them. Also, if the patient is a recovering drug addict, they are less likely to abuse drugs.

4.      Control and Independence for Users

Knowing that you don’t need to depend on a caregiver to administer your medication all the time is a good feeling. Especially for seniors who are still mentally alert and want their independence. The dispenser gives them a sense of control over their lives.

5.      Easy to Use

The pill dispenser eliminates the need for users to pop open several pill bottles. The process is not only time consuming but can also be frustrating and confusing for some patients. The dispenser gives you all the different pills you need for a particular dose, at once.