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The All-in-One Guide to Summer Diets


There are several ways to lose weight to prepare our bodies for summer. But one thing is for sure; total abstinence is not a solution as it may even cause more harm than good. What then are we supposed to follow to get us ready for summer? Obviously, overeating is out of the question. So is drinking too much alcohol. Munching on anything and everything would make things worse. Or even worse if one eats too much then just graze all day. Whatever, a person decides on will be his choice.

It would be quite depressing and dangerous if a person does all this. If so, it’s now the best time to change one’s ways. Of all these unhealthy habits, choose one and then focus on taking that off the list. For instance, on overeating, it’s about time one reduced portion of his regimen. Prepare enough for what the body needs. Ending up with too much is just gluttony. This should be a good start.

A Simple Diet Plan With Meal Suggestions

Summer is the perfect time to start a diet because of the endless variety of vegetables available in the farmer’s market. Vegetable dishes are easy and quick to prepare. At this starting point, one wouldn’t want to spend too much time making diet meals. Fresh crops are tasty and juicy, and it’s easy to carry the practice of eating them way past the summer season. Here’s a simple diet plan people can follow to kick off their summer diet:

Consider These Foods For Breakfast:

  • Greek yogurt and a nutrition bar. Supplement this with a nutrition bar and a peach.
  • Cereal and fresh fruit. Cereal should, of course, be the whole-grain type, better yet if made from flax or other types of seeds. Use fat-free soy milk or fat-free milk. Then add assorted berries.
  • Cook eggs or just egg whites, omelet style in olive oil. Then top the dish with some herbs like parsley, basil or tarragon. Season with a dash of salt. To complete the meal, add some cantaloupe slices and whole-grain bread with goat cheese.
  • Whole-grain summer waffles with maple syrup. Have some slices of nectarine to go with the waffles.
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