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The 3 Best Big And Tall Massage Chair For Your Every Need – A Guide Before Buying

Anybody who has ever had experience shopping for a full-body massage chair would know that there is no shortage when it comes to variety. There’s always a little something for everyone and the choice usually comes down to individual preferences in the end.

The one exception to this rule, however, is when there are circumstances beyond a person’s effective control that limit the pool of massage chairs you can choose from. One of these is with people with a larger build, as standard-sized massage chairs could feel a bit claustrophobic for them.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like massage chair manufacturers found many ways to circumvent this issue and provide a complete and satisfactory massage therapy experience regardless of the body shape of the person sitting in them. The Modern Back, a massage chair retailer based in the state of Florida, has chosen three massage chairs from their repertoire that they think best describes what a massage chair fit for a larger demographic should be like.

Infinity Genesis Max Massage Chair

The Infinity Genesis boasts a 49” L-type track that massages along the back of the neck down to glutes using a set of four-wheel rollers. It is said to be designed with the goal of providing a rich and comprehensive massage therapy experience to a wide range of body shapes. The length, width, and depth of its four-wheel rollers can be adjusted to cover a larger surface area and give the user more control of their experience.

It can also recline to the zero-gravity position, which redistributes the weight of the user evenly across the chair to alleviate pressure in different areas of the body. There is also little to no concern regarding the bulk of this big and tall massage chair because it is also fitted with space-saving technology.

Titan Jupiter Premium LE Massage Chair

True to its quite honestly a mouthful of a name, the Titan Jupiter LE is a mammoth of a massage chair for people who really want to get immersed in the experience. It is designed to accommodate people up to 6’6” tall with a seat and backrest that are also much wider than the typical massage chair.  Similar to the Infinity Genesis, it also uses an L-type track but without the adjustable rollers. To make up for that disadvantage, it instead has an astonishing 80 airbag cells strategically scattered across the whole chair. It also has an infrared heating system that the manufacturer claims are effective in lowering blood pressure.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

The last entry on this list is the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid which shares similar key features to the aforementioned two but does the job in its own unique way. It has a unique flexible roller track that can dynamically massage along a person’s back much like the customizable rollers of the Infinity Genesis without the need of adjusting it manually. It also has a full-body airbag massage feature like the Titan Jupiter LE, but with fewer individual airbags overall.

The massage chair can recline to zero gravity and also offers a one-of-a-kind patented leg rest with therapeutic heated knee massage that, alongside its multistroke 6-roller system provides exceptional lower body support. Oftentimes, this massage chair is recommended for people suffering from chronic muscle pain, especially those in the lumbar area, and those who perform physically taxing activities on a daily basis.

These three massage chairs are exceptional when it comes to providing relief and relaxation to heavy people because of their large build, extensive reach, and wide range of customization. They are certainly not alone, and buyers are highly encouraged to try out massage chairs that aim to provide a similar feel when they spot a listing for massage chairs for sale and see how they compare with each other. The true beauty of massage chairs is that they’re for everyone, and there’s no better display of that than what these featured massage chairs promise.