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Tatiana Kukanova – Easy Ways For Everyone to Make Money Online


Would you like to know how to make some money online? For many people, they believe that this is something which they are not capable of, or that they lack the technological know how to be able to actually make money online.

My good friend Tatiana Kukanova always dreamed of being an influencer, a dream which she has since come to realize. Tatiana is now making very good money online through her social media pages but that did take some time to create. If you want to speed things up a bit, here is how to go about it.

Revenue Streams

An important point to mention is that you must try to have a couple of different revenue streams online. When Tatiana and I were starting out she had this idea that it would be better to spread out our earnings so that we’d always have some cash coming in. And so Tatiana and I started to look for different ways of earning at the same time.

Faith Based Events


One of the best ideas that Tatiana ever came up with was to go shopping in thrift stores and flea markets armed with our phones. We would have eBay and Amazon already loaded up on our phones and as soon as we saw something cheap, we would check to see how much it was selling for online. This made us so much money as we could see instantly what the upside was on a particular product. The best part about this was that the item would be listed before we even left the store and in some cases, it would be sold by the time we got home.

Online Surveys

There are companies online who want you to fill in surveys for a small fee, these are often for private companies who want to measure their demographics. These surveys are easy to fill in and pretty boring, but do enough and they can make you some extra money each month. Tatiana and I would often put some music on and sit there for 3 or 4 hours twice a week filling these out and getting paid for our opnions.


There are many freelance jobs which you can find online but the best for anyone starting out in my view is to write content. Tatiana wasn’t always the best writer but because she was using a computer she would do so without any mistakes, and the content was very rarely challenging. There is an abundance of people online who are looking for content writers and if you can find yourself a loyal client then this is also a great way of making some cash online. The going rate can often be around $10 per article and that cash can soon add up.

These were the successful ways that Tatiana and I made our money, and there is no reason that you can’t too.

Author – Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with major Marketing. He is the founder of ESBO ltd leading online marketing agency .