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Sweet, Dark, And Mysterious: Unveiling The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate


Chocolate has been revered for many centuries as a sign of love, commitment, and wealth. Certain types of chocolate are considered better and healthier than others, though.

In the United States, chocolate is typically more popular at certain times of the year over others, namely Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Chocolate is also a representation of what life should be. According to Forrest Gump, a character from a movie of the same name, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

In short, there are surprises in life, just like there are surprises in what flavors of chocolates might be inside of a gift box.

You just have to deal with it, one sweet bite at a time, no matter what events (or flavors, in the case of chocolate) happen.

Specifically, dark chocolate is said to be the healthiest type of chocolate out there. It has many benefits that should be considered, even if there are a few health concerns about consuming chocolate in general.

However, a case needs to be made for the wonders of dark chocolate.


* A definition dark chocolate

* How dark chocolate is actually made

* A history of dark chocolate

* Health benefits and risks of dark chocolate

* Recipes containing dark chocolate

dark chocolateForrest was certainly on to something when he said chocolate is akin to life. Historically, chocolate has been a sign of wealth as the rich were the ones who could afford it from overseas shipments.

Then again, more often than not, this type of chocolate was super pure. Milk chocolate revolutionized this situation, making chocolate more affordable for people who were not a part of the affluent classes.

Today, dark chocolate is widely available for many people, regardless of wealth. It can be found in various qualities of chocolate, too. The higher the percentage assigned to a piece of chocolate, the more actual chocolate it contains.

Some of the more common percentages are 70 percent and 80 percent. Some people have expressed concerns that this ratio of chocolate is not as sweet as saying milk chocolate. They become a little bit bitterer the higher the percentage goes.

This higher percentage is great for many reasons. Namely, it makes dark chocolate great for cooking and baking other things.

The pure flavor means it packs a more powerful punch. This higher percentage also means it has more of the nutrients that are good for you.

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