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Super Bowl 50 By The Numbers

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This year the National Football League celebrates the golden anniversary of its biggest game – the big game – in our nation’s Golden City. And as an estimated one million fans descend upon the San Francisco Bay Area for Super Bowl 50, giving new meaning to the term “gold rush,” the game’s past and present prepare to collide. Not only is Super Bowl 50 a salute to West Coast football, underscoring the recent announcement that two franchises will be moving to the Los Angeles area with the first West Coast Super Bowl since 2002, but it also has the potential to mark a clear transfer of power from elder statesmen such as Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning to the likes of his young and charismatic Panthers counterpart Cam Newton. In short, has “Omaha” fully given way to “dabbing”? Only time will tell which team winds up going to Disneyland, as they say, but we can certainly get you prepared for the action in the meantime. Below you’ll find an awesome infographic with our favorite factoids and tidbits about this one-of-a-kind 50th anniversary party, plus a Q&A with a panel of leading sports business experts. Enjoy the game!

With Super Bowl 50 just days away and football being the most followed sport in the U.S., the personal finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2016’s Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans together with its Super Bowl 50 By the Numbers infographic. To identify the best cities for football fans, WalletHub analyzed 245 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional football team based on 18 key metrics, ranging from the number of NFL and college football teams to average ticket prices. Check out the infographic for cool stats about the biggest sporting event of the year.

Best Cities for Football Fans Worst Cities for Football Fans
1 Green Bay, WI 236 Albany, NY
2 Clemson, SC 237 Pocatello, ID
3 Pittsburgh, PA 238 Worcester, MA
4 Tuscaloosa, AL 239 Valparaiso, IN
5 East Lansing, MI 240 Lexington, KY
6 Denver, CO 241 Pine Bluff, AR
7 Princeton, NJ 242 Ogden, UT
8 New York, NY 243 East Hartford, CT
9 Philadelphia, PA 244 New Britain, CT
10 Baton Rouge, LA 245 Kingston, RI

To read the full report and to see where your city ranks, please visit: Super Bowl 50 By the Numbers

  • 1.3 Billion: Number of chicken wings that will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • 8+ Million: Pounds of guacamole that will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • 33 Pounds: Weight of the gold-plated “5 – 0” numerals that will be awarded to the winning team.
  • $5+ Million: A 30-second ad during Super Bowl 50 costs more than $5 Million.

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