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Sunburn – The Morning Read Of What’s Hot In Florida Politics – 7.16.20

The Groveland Four get posthumous pardons, but will there ever be an explanation? Image via Florida Memory.

By Peter Schorsch    

Today marks 72 years since the start of the Groveland Four nightmare.

Surviving family members still are awaiting full justice.

It took until 2017 before the Florida Legislature officially recognized what had been revealed through several investigations: four young Black men did not commit the rape they were accused of in 1949, for which two were subsequently killed and two imprisoned.

It took until 2019 for a Florida Governor to push posthumous pardons through the Executive Clemency Board for Charles GreenleeWalter IrvinSamuel Shepherd, and Ernest Thomas.

Today, family members wait for the FDLE to report on an investigation begun in 2018 into what happened in 1949 on a dark, back road in Lake County and the chain of injustices that followed.

At stake is the prospect of full exonerations for the Groveland Four.

“It shouldn’t be two years, you know, with all the documents and everything that has been written about the case,” said Greenlee’s daughter Carol Greenlee, 72. “All my life, I’ve been waiting for justice. I mean, literally, all my life.”

The agency offered a statement to Florida Politics Monday saying the review is active and there is no time frame for its completion.

Read the complete Florida Politics story here.


@marcorubio: The big picture on #Cuba is that the regime is still alive, but it has been fatally wounded. An irreversible breach now exists between them & the people, as evidenced by a growing list of prominent artists announcing they will no longer participate in government activities

@GovRonDeSantis: The people of Cuba are engaged in the noble cause of fighting against a communist dictatorship. One of the most effective things we can do as a country to support the Cuban people is to get internet connectivity back on the island. Time is of the essence in Cuba.

@NikkiFried: As Florida’s only statewide elected Democrat, I want to make this completely clear — @FlaDems stand in solidarity with the Cuban people and against the communist regime that has oppressed them for decades.

@MarioDB: Proud to serve as a member of @GOPLeader’s Team on #Cuba. We’ll use this platform to advise House Republicans & the American people on the atrocities committed by the Cuban dictatorship & maintain solidarity with the Cuban people. Together, we’ll work for the cause of freedom.

@jeffzeleny: “Communism is a failed system — a universally failed system. And I don’t see socialism as a very useful substitute,” President [JoeBiden says, adding that the US is considering trying to help restore internet access to Cuba in the wake of waves of protests.

@alextdaugherty: On Thursday, @ProgressiveFL released a #Cuba statement that didn’t voice support for protesters or call out violence in Cuba. @Manny_A_Diaz said he had no idea it was coming and said the state party rejects it.

@GOPLeader: I am creating a Leader’s Advisory Team on Cuba. The world has witnessed powerful images coming out of Communist Cuba over the last five days. The Cuban people are risking everything for freedom. They need our robust support, not weak rhetoric.

@RepDarrenSoto: Excited about news of 2,000 new high-paying, creative ⁦@Disney⁩ jobs relocating to Lake Nona in #FL9! This will be key to Central Florida’s long-term prosperity and boost local small businesses.

@WiltonSimpson: Great news for @WaltDisneyWorld and the State of Florida! Florida is bouncing back stronger and better than ever before as private sector leaders like Disney create the jobs that empower families and ensure thriving communities across our state.

@LindaStewartFL: The Walt Disney Co. has confirmed it will relocate roughly 2,000 jobs from its California headquarters to Lake Nona throughout the next 18 months, a master-planned community in southeast Orlando.

@MarkWilsonFL: Breaking news: #Florida is now the 15th largest economy in the world — up from 17th. While this may change as other global economies recover from the pandemic, it’s encouraging to see FL moving the needle to get to a Top 10 global economy by 2030. #FL2030Blueprint #FL2030


FloridaPolitics, excerpt posted on  SouthFloridaReporter.comJuly 16, 2021

Republished with permission


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