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Study Reveals the Time of Day We’re Most Likely to Snack (Video)

If you’re focusing on your eating habits in 2019 then be mindful of the clock striking 2:41pm…

A survey of 2,000 Americans found that that is the specific time of day where willpower is most tested and cravings strike hardest.

And while the mid-afternoon lull sees food temptation most commonly strike, Americans think about food an average of four times a day and spend 40 minutes per day purely thinking about food, according to the study.

That adds up to more than 240 hours per year or the equivalent of over 10 solid 24-hour days.

The new study conducted by One Poll, on behalf of Blue Diamond Almonds, unearths the details surrounding American food cravings and discovered that people tend to succumb to their cravings an average of four times a week.

Over two thirds of people admit to feeling a pesky urge for a snack at the same time during most days.

Urges for something sweet are the most commonly occurring craving, with salty, spicy, savory, and smoky rounded out the top five flavor cravings.

Sometimes one flavor just isn’t enough and people need to create a delicious combination to truly satisfy what they’re after; 58 percent would go for the always-classic salty and sweet combo, while 35 percent go for salty and spicy.

So what foods do Americans crave most? Chocolate took the top spot; but people also commonly reported hankerings for honey, bacon, BBQ, and cheese.

When it comes to texture, consumers have gone for sweet and crunchy, and salty and crunchy, almost 50 percent of the time.

“Cravings are a part of life, and can come about at the most unexpected times,” said Eric Tinson, Senior Brand Manager at Blue Diamond.

Not all cravings are the same though, seeing as 67 percent of people think that their mood greatly affects what they crave.

When women are stressed, four in ten will reach for something sweet, however only 29 percent of men will do the same.

If something upsetting happens, one in five men will yearn for something with a spicy kick, whereas only 11 percent of women would want a fiery bite to eat.

Friends play an important role in bringing new mixes to our lives, seeing as 37 percent of Americans say they’ve tried a new flavor combo after seeing a friend do it first.

Still, there are some true trailblazers out there who don’t care what people think of their snack creations.

Over half of people will eat what they like, despite what others might say.

Some frequent combinations that might have some raising their eyebrows are: cheese and chips, cream cheese and jelly, and chocolate and pizza.


1. Chocolate (62%)
2. Cheese (49%)
3. Strawberry (39%)
4. Bacon (38%)
5. BBQ (34%)
6. Honey (33%)
7. Coconut (30%)
8. Honey mustard (26%)
9. Blueberry (26%)
10. Lemon (26%)


1. Sweet (79%)
2. Salty (54%)
3. Spicy (45%)
4. Savory (40%)
5. Smoky (27%)


1. Cheese and chips
2. Apples and cheese
3. Meat and sour cream
4. Ice cream and french fries
5. Chips and ketchup
6. Cream cheese and jelly
7. Ketchup and pizza
8. Popcorn and hot sauce
9. Cheddar cheese and apple pie
10. Peanut butter and pickles


Spaghetti with chips
Chocolate and shrimp
Ginger and garlic
Bacon and sugar
Bacon and strawberries