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Socially Distanced Variants of Famous Florida Attractions


Florida is packed to the brim with iconic attractions – more than any visitor can fit into one trip, and more than most locals can fit into one summer. It’s easy to take this abundance of attractions, museums, and beaches for granted when you’re spoiled for choice all year round. But in light of COVID-19’s closures and restrictions, many find themselves stuck at home, longing for a time back when everything was open, safe, and normal.

Even as amusement parks, cinemas and restaurants reopen, spending time outdoors remains off the table for anyone with health problems, elderly relatives, or medical professions. You may not be able to take the kids to Disney World, but you can give them a little taste of what Florida has to offer – right in the safety of your own home.

Here’s how to have cultural experiences while taking responsible precautions. Whether your trip to Florida was canceled, or you’re a local stuck indoors – you may enjoy some of these tips on how to turn a big attraction small.

A Lazy Disney World Day

Missing out on Disney World might come as a big blow, but a true Disney fan will make their own fun with any one of the countless Disney-themed activities you can bring into your own home. Treat the kids to a full Disney-themed day, with activities based around their favorite characters, and ranging from role-playing, board games, coloring in, baking, costume dress-up, drawing, singing and – of course – watching Disney movies.

Everglades National Park in Your Own Garden

Nothing beats the great outdoors, but you can get a small sample of what nature has to offer by bringing a little of it into your home. Whether you have a huge garden or small balcony, there will be plants for you to nurture and grow – and eventually, even eat. Taking care of plants has been scientifically shown to improve moods, which is much needed during these difficult times. Floral scents calm your nerves, while enough plants in one place can purify the air quality. Bring some green into your home for a natural and wild feeling that will make you forget you’re indoors.

Universal Studios Movie Nights

Everyone loves a good movie night, right? During a lockdown, the simple charm of a movie night has been appreciated more than ever before. So lift spirits during these strange times with a blockbuster movie, big bowl of popcorn, lights dimmed low, and big comfy blanket. It’s a recipe for success, and with many movie production companies releasing their cinema-intended films on streaming platforms, you truly can get a cinema experience at home.

Dive into a SeaWorld YouTube experience

YouTube is your best friend when it comes to keeping the kids occupied with videos of cute or funny animals. There’s certainly no shortage of extraordinary underwater footage of marine creatures, so if your children are disappointed at the canceled SeaWorld trip then give them an educational experience in the form of a marine life documentary. Mission Blue and Blue Planet are a good place to start. There are also plenty of YouTube playlists with clips of dolphins, sharks, jellyfish and so many more fascinating sea creatures that’ll keep the family entertained for hours.

Casino Night..for free

Desperate for a date night? If your fifth candle-lit dinner at home is losing its charm, then try finding romance with a different kind of ‘big night in’. There are plenty of online casinos offering a diverse range of entertaining games, from Blackjack to video slots, at any time of the night or day. The best thing about online casinos is that you don’t technically need to bet a dime if you just want to play for fun. At PlayFrank Casino, for example, over 90% of games can be played for free. Good luck!

Get inspired by Ernest Hemingway online

If you’d been looking forward to paying a visit to the legendary writer’s home and museum this summer, then consider instead some great resources online, where you can learn more about the man, and get inspired by his unique life and incredible talent. The New Yorker has published some fantastic articles about Hemingway, which makes for interesting reading. You’ll also find the Hemingway Resource Center online, where you can browse through his biography, short stories, FAQ, and discuss the author’s work on messaging boards with other fans.

Siesta Key Beach Themed Spa Day
White sands and waves that come crashing in sounds like the kind of place we’d like to be, but these days a crowded beach brings more harm than good. Take the tranquillity and summer vibes into your own home instead. You can play a soundtrack of waves that’ll truly take your mind someplace else or play some chart-topping summer hits to really get into a holiday mood. Put on your sunhat, swimsuit, and pour up a cool drink. Pamper yourself with spa treatment, a cool bath, and a good magazine. There will be some moments when you truly believe you’re on the beach!

Recreate the Kennedy Space Center Atmosphere

For not too much money at all, you can get your hands on a nifty little star projector that will have the galaxy swirling around your own bedroom. A star projector is a perfect little gadget for the kid that loves space and coupled with glow-in-the-dark stars and other space-themed accessories, it’s easy to create a galactic feeling in even a small place. Take your kids to space with a touch of tin foil and Carl Sagan documentary.

While few stay-at-home variants on classic Florida attractions can compensate for the real thing, we hope these activities at least bring you or your family some joy during these isolated and stressful times. Stay safe and stay at home – but have as much fun as you can!