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Sober Living Tips for Veterans in South Florida


So many veterans struggle with mental health issues and substance abuse, but there is always help available in some form. When it comes to staying sober as a veteran, there are both addiction treatment centers and recovery communities around the country to provide support and assistance.

Living in South Florida doesn’t help sobriety because there is a lot of partying in the area, but that also makes the sobriety community especially strong. Here are some tips that will help you stay on the path of recovery and happiness.

Get Outside!

One great benefit of living in South Florida is that you have the beach all around you. An effective way to strengthen your sobriety and bask in the wanderlust the world provides is to spend more time outdoors. Go swimming in the ocean. Go for a hike. Learn to surf. Ride a bike around town. Play basketball outside with some friends. Whatever you are in, getting outside and enjoying the sun on your back and the wind in your hair will make a huge difference. Remember, you still want to be happy when you are sober. You want to get the most out of life. In Florida, a perfect way to do that is to spend more time outside.

Faith Based Events

Attend Meetings Regularly, Engage with the Community

If you are trying to get sober now, there are many rehabs in Florida to get the treatment you need. Are you already sober? With a strong recovery community in South Florida, you should attend regular meetings.

You need to become a part of this community. You should make friends, get a sponsor, and find a meeting or two that you really love. When you feel connected to the people who are on the journey of sobriety with you, it will be easier to stay on the path. Sober life needs to be fulfilling. It should be about community, love, and support.

Luckily, in South Florida, the response to the party culture and atmosphere is to double down on sobriety and find a group of people who support each other and work towards living happy, productive lives. If you’re sober, you should do your best to connect with the people who attend 12-step meetings and engage in a community of supportive, like-minded people. If you need this, look into Acqua’s Veterans program.

Don’t Be Afraid of Social Events

During the first days, weeks, and months of your sobriety, you might want to avoid triggering situations. Parties can make sober people uncomfortable because they aren’t drinking or doing drugs. Why? Most people who are drinking don’t care at all if you are drinking too. If they do, they aren’t good friends.

It’s important to still go out and enjoy social events. Of course, you should do your best to attend events that you will enjoy. You want to like the people you’re around. You want to have good conversations. You want to feel connected. There is a lot of socializing in South Florida. If you are afraid of social life, you might not be as happy as you would be if you embraced sober socializing. Think about it. You will no longer be the problem at the party. Instead, you will be the calm force with a clear head.

Find Other Veterans

Whether you find them in the recovery community or not, it’s important for you to connect with other veterans. Every veteran has a different story and experience, but if you are speaking with veterans and hearing their stories, you will feel comfortable sharing your own and providing support to yourself and others. There is a community of retired veterans around Florida. When you are a sober veteran living in this region, you should be sure to connect with the other people who you understand. You might create lifelong friends.

Sober living isn’t easy for a lot of veterans who were addicted to drugs and alcohol, but the odds are you’ve been through worse. It’s instrumental to do your best to live a happy, healthy, and productive life. You need to spend time outside enjoying the world. You need to find community love and support. It’s pivotal to engage with sober people and veterans. When you put in the effort to be connected to people and a community, sober life will be a lot easier. It’s time to work on your recovery!