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Slots In The USA

When you think of playing slots in the USA the first thing that springs to mind is Las Vegas. Indeed Sin City is without a doubt the world’s most famous landmark. The vast advancements in technology over recent years has led to a surge in players looking to try their luck online. Unfortunately for residents of the USA, laws and regulations have prevented operators from being allowed to offer these kinds of services to players in the majority of states. However, over the last few years, we have seen this begin to change.  

So what states now offer the opportunity to gamble online?

At the time of writing this article players who are within the states of New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, Tennessee and Pennsylvania, are able to access online gambling services that can include a casino, poker and/or a sportsbook. 

Is Online Gambling Safe In The USA?

Just because a state allows online gambling doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be safe to partake in. There are online casinos all around the world, not just the USA, that use rouge tactics without ever having any intention of paying players out if they are to win.

Luckily, this is where licensing comes in to play and a player should always check that the casino they are playing at is licensed by the correct governing body. So for example, if you were playing from New Jersey, then you would want to make sure that the casino is fully licensed by the DGE and that this is being displayed correctly in the footer of their website.

Can You Play The Same Slots That Are In Vegas Online?

Apart from the convenience, the biggest advantage of playing slots online in the USA is the sheer choice that is on offer to you. Yes, there are 1000s of slots in Las Vegas, but these can often be walls of the same machine with variety sometimes lacking. When playing online you are opened up to a whole catalog of games from a multitude of slot developers. 

What Are The Best Slots To Play Online In The USA?

Over the last 3 years, there has been a new craze to sweep the online slot market in Europe and it’s now found its way stateside. This exciting new style of game was developed by an Australian slot provider named Big Time Gaming. The concept behind this brand new gaming mechanic was that each spin that took place on the reels would deliver a different amount of active pay lines each time. Aptly named Megaways™, this new sensation has continued to dominate online European casino lobbies since the first slot named Dragon Born Megaways™ was released.

More information on these slots can be found in the Megaways Slots USA section of this fansite, which is dedicated to games within that genre and the suppliers who make them.

Should I Play Slots Online In The USA, Or At A Casino?

These really are two completely different prospects. It’s considered more of a night out and a social gathering when you head to a land-based casino to play, whereas playing online is more of an act of convenience when you’re looking for some entertainment. 

Will More States Open Up For Online Gambling?

It’s always hard to know what each individual state will do when it comes to the legislation of both retail and online gambling. There is certainly some potential for a serious amount of tax to be raked in by the government, but with gambling being such a controversial subject, matters can often drag on for months, or even years when it comes to something as complicated as this.