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Sleep and Sound: The Essential Health Benefits of Buying a New Mattress


Sleeping is vital, but many have neglected the importance of a comfortable sleep. Acquiring enough sleep will prevent you from getting health issues in the future. Adequate sleep enables the body to become productive and in good condition. The importance of listening and taking care of your health will prevent you from getting a headache in the future.

Accompanying your sleep with a comfortable mattress will provide you the overall sleeping experience. Choosing the appropriate mattress that fits your sleeping style and preference is a challenge, especially if you are not familiar with the different mattresses available.

Good Spinal Alignment

Choosing the right mattress that will support each part of your body is essential, most especially to your spine. Without the proper distribution of your weight, it increases the pressure on your back and constrains your spine. The improper spinal alignment will cause long-term problems, including chronic pain, bad posture, and back pains.

Back sleepers need a mattress that supports something in between. Amerisleep AS2 is the best mattress for back pain; it is a medium-firm mattress appropriate for back sleepers. This mattress has the feature of relieving the pressure and pain throughout your sleeping duration. This mattress is designed with adaptability for every sleeper’s movements to be at ease.

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Reduce Stress Levels

Your sleeping satisfaction depends upon the comfortability of your mattress. Whether you like it or not, mattresses will eventually lose their firmness when frequently used, leading to an uncomfortable sleeping situation; if you want to have a comfortable sleep, invest in your mattress. You will never regret it; instead, you will benefit from it.

Upon buying a mattress, you need to determine your sleeping style. Knowing your sleeping style saves you from purchasing the wrong mattress. A side sleeper needs a soft mattress; a stomach sleeper needs a firm mattress, and a back sleeper needs something in between.

If you are looking for a mattress brand, here are some that you might want to consider; this includes Amerisleep AS5 hybrid, Vaya Hybrid, Layla Hybrid, Avocado Green Mattress, Purple Mattress, Nolah Signature, and Tuft & Needle Original. These brands contain a general feature to their mattresses; they can accommodate different positions and sleeping situations.

Prevent Allergies

It may sound alarming, but this is the truth. Old mattresses are prone to allergies. The dust, sweat, bodily oils, and other bodily fluids will cause the build-up of harmful bacteria that may lead to allergy-like symptoms such as sneezing, itchiness, whizzing, and stuffy nose. People with respiratory issues are the ones who suffer more that’s why it is best to change your mattress every 6 or 8 years.

Concerning the issues stated above, mattresses are now designed to alleviate and provide a solution to your health concerns. There are certain brands you might consider that can best serve your allergies. Layla Hybrid is a mattress containing a layer of copper infusion that absorbs the heat at the same time promotes a safe sleeping environment free of harmful bacteria.

Good for Your Mental Health

The inappropriate sleeping routine will lead you to acquire serious illnesses, more so if you already have an existing mental problem. A poor sleeping situation can trigger existing mental issues such as anxiety and depression. A night of quality sleep will enable your mind and body to be in a condition for daily decision-making.

A different kind of mattress is essential for determining what material is best for your needs.  Memory foam mattresses can prevent pain and stiff joints while you sleep. Gel memory foam and plant-based foam are the customized variations intended for the sleepers to have a cool and comfortable sleep.

Latex is another type of mattress that can adapt to every sleepers’ position with a cooler foam compared to traditional memory foam. Innerspring mattresses are inexpensive beds appropriate for the low-budget individual. The hybrid mattress is a bouncy mattress supported with a coil in the foam that can prevent you from painful awakening.

Snore No More

Being with someone who snores will distract your sleep. The loud and unending snore is the result of the obstructed airway at the back of your mouth, and it is due to unequal alignment of the body and weight.

The mattress plays an essential role in body alignment. Old mattresses tend to sag, resulting in inadequate support for the body that causes improper body alignment and snoring. You can achieve a snore-free night if you purchase a new medium-firm mattress appropriate to your concerns and needs. Several mattress brands are worth purchasing.

Above everything, sleep is important for your body aside from food. An improper sleeping routine will cause you to become weak, irritated, and unproductive. No matter what happens, always reward yourself with a sound and comfortable sleep because that’s the only thing that you can make yourself ready for another day.