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Simple Ways To Educate Yourself About CBD Products

There is almost nothing in our world today that is as popular in the wellness and fitness world as CBD. The market has been completely taken over by what is fondly being referred to as the “green boom”.

You can find all kinds of CBD products like protein powder, CBD bath bombs, and lubes at many online stores. You don’t need to feel saddled with the burden of finding a local dispensary since CBD is legal in all states and you can purchase it in any online store with minimal restrictions. 


Buyers need to be aware CBD is still new and unregulated. This means they need to exercise a little bit of care when considering a purchase of the amazing CBD wellness and cannabis-based health products available for purchase.

The FDA does not monitor the creation and distribution of CBD products as rigorously as it does in the case of dietary supplements. Hence, CBD brands are not yet under intense scrutiny in relation to their labeling, ingredients, and sale.

A lot of people are not aware of the red flags to look out for before purchasing CBD products. The reason behind this is that CBD is still new and only a few studies have been conducted on it. The fact, however, remains that people are concerned because they do not know how to ensure that what they are consuming is safe.

Here are a few things to take note of when buying any CBD product. 

  •       BUY FROM CREDIBLE BRANDS: When it comes to safely buying cannabis products, knowing the brand that manufactures them is very important. Thankfully, a lot of companies are doing their bits by being transparent and providing the information that consumers need. Check the  Cannaflower website to get products that are safe for consumption. Keep looking until you find a reliable brand that does not add any isolated compound into the CBD product. It is safer that you build your trust in a brand before making any purchase from them.
  •       DEMAND FOR THE CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS: Any label can say anything without a lab report. In relation to building trust as stated earlier, it is crucial that you purchase CBD from companies that provide a certificate of analysis or a COA. This document provides proof that the product you are about to purchase has been tested by an independent lab or a third party. This also proves that these companies have discovered some things, especially the very important ones.
  •       CHECK ITS POTENCY: It is important that you check if the level of CBD in any product that you purchase for consumption. If there is, it is also crucial that you discover how much cannabis is in the product. Check for the total CBD or total cannabinoids in the product.

 It is crucial to find out if the hemp was grown on soil that was soaked in pesticides. The COA will inform you if the pesticides or other contaminants get into the products.