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Signs You Need Your Air Conditioner Repaired


Your air conditioner is a very important appliance. It can become dangerous for your home and family if something is wrong with it. If you notice that the lights on your system are not working, you should call for repair service immediately. There’s no reason to wait around for the issue to escalate into something more serious than it already has.

Here are some signs that you need to call a professional technician.

Blows Warm Air

The most obvious sign that your air conditioning unit needs a repair is when it’s blowing out warm air. If it’s not blowing out any air at all, that could be a problem with the breaker or flip switch. If it’s just not cooling your home efficiently, you may need to check the refrigerant levels.

This can occur for a variety of reasons. If your conditioner is blowing out warm air, you should first shut it off and call a professional technician to take a look at it.is

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Cold Air Only in One Area

If you notice that one room of your house isn’t cooling properly, there might be an issue with your conditioner. If it’s not blowing cold air at all, there may be a problem with the fan or compressor. A clogged filter or evaporator coil can cause this.

If it’s just not cooling one room, you may need to clean your ducts. Conditioners work through an entire system of ducts throughout your home. There may be dirt and debris built up somewhere in the system, restricting airflow. If this is the case, you may need to call an air conditioning contractor to come out and diagnose the problem.

Status Light is On

If your conditioner has a status light that stays on after you turn it off, there’s probably an issue with the system. The more lights illuminated on your status switch, the more issues are likely with your conditioner. This is a sign that you need to call a professional immediately.

The status lights on your air conditioning system can give you a clue as to what the problem may be. If one light stays on, it’s probably an issue with that part of the system. If you see three or four lights, it most likely means that there is a larger issue that will need the attention of a professional.

It Keeps on Shutting Off

Having a light or a smartphone app that monitors your home’s temperature is great. Unfortunately, if the temperature in your home is increasing and your conditioner keeps shutting off, it probably means you need to call for a repair service. This typically occurs when there is an obstruction somewhere in the ducts which regulate airflow throughout your home. If this is the case, it can be quite dangerous for you and your family.

If this is happening, you need to call a professional technician to come out and see what the issue is. If there’s dirt or debris somewhere in your ductwork, they will be able to find and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Thermostat Not Working

If your thermostat isn’t working, it could result from several things. It might not be receiving any power from your breaker box, there may be issues with the wiring, or it makes sense that you need to call for repair service.

Your thermostat is an important part of your conditioner system. If it’s not working, your entire unit may shut down. This means more strain on the rest of the system, resulting in some very costly repairs. You should always call a professional as soon as you notice that your thermostat isn’t working.

Little Air Blowing From Vents

If your conditioner isn’t working properly, it could be because of a broken fan belt. If this part gets damaged, the other belts in the system will slip and rotate at all. This can cause your unit to shut off, and there’s no cooling for you or your family while it’s happening.

This is another indicator that you need to call a technician. Once the problem is fixed, they can replace the belt, and you should be able to get back to enjoying your air conditioner again soon.